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Indian community celebrate Independence


Chris Theko

While Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, hoisted the national flag at the Red Fort in New Delhi and addressed the nation on Monday, the Indian community in Lesotho joined their compatriots in raising the Indian flag to celebrate the country’s 76the Independence Day Maseru.

Indians across the world celebrate Independence Day of the country from imperial rule under a British Raj on August 15; the day is a national holiday in India and celebrated with flag hoisting, parades and cultural performance since 1947 when India.

A subdued remembrance was held at the Busy Bee Primary school in Maseru West on Monday morning.

The Indian Association of Lesotho president, Biju Abraham Korah, joyously acknowledged the contribution of other countries to India’s growth over the 47 years with Lesotho not an exeption.

“I would like to thank countries that have been supporting India over the years especially today as we celebrate 76 years of India’s Independence. It was not an easy journey, but we have created strong relations,” he said.

“Today we are here having completed 76 years of our independence and we salute all the fighters and those who contributed to the fight for this very independence,” he said mentioning those who put their lives in line for their country, and those who lived up to the spirit of unity.

“I want to express my feelings of respect and gratitude to all those previous governments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all former prime ministers who have endeavoured to lead us to the present day India,” he continued.

The event which was graced by the presence of Police Minister, Lepota Sekola was not as lengthy as the celebrations usually are due it being a week-day. The majority of the Indian Community based in Lesotho are business owners who had to open their businesses. 

Giving his remarks on behalf of the government of Lesotho, Minister Sekola acknowledged the importance of the Indian community in Lesotho to Basotho for their individual and collective contribution to Lesotho and Basotho.

India gained independence from United Kingdom on August 15, 1947, with the first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, raising the national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in New Delhi.

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