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Review: Nna le uena by Juvy featuring Omali Themba


Chris Theko

This week we gauge the latest single by Juvy where he is featuring Omali Themba titled Nna Le uena.

The song was officially released on August 5, 2022, and its production is influenced by a kwaito feel as the artist usually does with his other hit tracks such as Skipa se Ntekane and Penya-Penya.

With this one, Juvy has taken a more traditional route to the sound familiar with weddings which gives a familiar sound to songs such as Likhomo by the legend Jonas Gwangwa.

Nna le uena which runs for 4 minutes 07 seconds, built on 101-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM) is produced by one of the best in the game, Ismoke, and it’s laid on a 100/100-time signature.

Although heavily influenced by the kwaito rhythm, the tune has several elements lased to it.  Notably, a smooth saxophone instrument which plays throughout the song. Hip hop keys are heard along with it.

In a true Juvy style, the instrumentals, lyrics, composition and concept of the song are all aligned in a fashion that no one does.

It’s a song about the love shared by two people where the guy is so much in love and is ready to start wedding preparations with the first step being lobola negotiations.  

The hook is sung by Omali Themba.

It is a sing-along verse of a famous wedding day song ‘ha li le peli, le ha li le tharo’.

It is undoubtedly a very catchy easy to sing-along to hook “nna le oena feela, Nna le uena I don’t see nobody. Khale ke nyolosa, khale ke theosa ke tlohelletse papali. Ke joetsitse ntate a joetse malome ke tlo ntsa mahali’.

In the first verse, Juvy raps about his beautiful and sassy woman singing her praises and drawing a picture in a metaphoric way of how she makes him happy just by looking at her. Then the hook comes back again with Omali Themba giving the song that catchy vibe.

Juvy comes back again for another verse this time he is warning that she is the only woman he needs hence he will be sending his uncles to the ladies’ homestead to ask for her hand in marriage.

The song slips back to the hook with Omali Themba with the saxophone having a solo moment that wraps up the song nice and easy leaving the listener wanting more of it.

Nna le uena would be a good fit for the wedding set-up or any traditional celebrations that are meant for unions. But, it does not take away from those looking for a feel-good song track with some chilled vibes to it that can be jammed to in the club, at home with friends and very friendly to the entire family. Well, look no further because this is the track for you.

Nna Le uena rates at 7 out of 10.

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