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LSRC CEO Resigns


Chris Theko

The Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission Chief Executive Officer, Sechaba Mokhameleli, has resigned from his position with the country’s sports mother body less than three months in the office.  

This was announced by the LSRC President, Jobo Raswoko, at a media briefing held at the LSRC boardroom on Wednesday afternoon.  Speaking at the briefing Raswoko said the news came as a shock to them as they had not expected something like this so soon having made the announcement of the new CEO less than a month ago. 

“As we all know better is always the enemy of good, another organisation came to him and made a better offer than our good offer and nothing could tie him to us since we could not beat the offer they had already put forward,” said Raswoko. 

He emphasised that they were already working very well with the now resigned CEO, also saying that this was merely a matter of greener pastures hence why Mokhameleli resigned despite their great employer-employee relationship.

“Mr Mokhameleli saw an opportunity after greener pastures availed to him and as a matter of fact we then received his letter of resignation beginning of this month (October) and this made us aware that we should prepare ourselves”

“He will remain in office until the end of the month of October but we have already started with the process of finding a new CEO.  The expectation, due to our past experience is that we will be able to complete the process in a period of three months.” He added. 

Raswoko said the issue has already been taken to the Minister of Gender and Youth Sports and Recreation Dr Mahali Phamotse who is the one to make the decision on the appointment of acting CEO as well as the selection of a new permanent CEO according to regulations that govern LSRC.

“We took the matter to the Minister for her to know about it and as a matter of urgency to select the acting CEO while the process of filling the position permanently is on-going,”

He said the commission had already sent three names to the Minister and out of them she picked the current Operations Manager Teboho Malataliana to be the one who continues with the office of the CEO for now.  He will be expected to act as the CEO for three months from November 1 to January 31 2020.  “We are hopeful that within the three months we would have been able to complete the process of identifying a new CEO. Our plan is to put out an advertisement soon enough so that we start the process” Raswoko said. 

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