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Maseru District Wool and Mohair Prepare for National Agricultural Show


Kamohelo Makhofola

As the excitement builds for the upcoming national agricultural show, farmers in the Maseru district are gearing up for their showcase of quality wool and mohair production. 

Each year, the district hosts a show, serving as both an assessment of their progress and a testament to their commitment to producing top-tier agricultural products.

Mokoenehi Thinyane, of the Lesotho Wool and Mohair Growers Association, emphasised the significance of such events in upholding their mission of delivering exceptional wool and mohair products to the international market. 

“These events are not just about showcasing our products; they’re a reflection of our dedication to quality,” Thinyane remarked. 

“They serve as a litmus test for our adherence to standards and readiness for national competition.”

With the national show on the horizon, farmers view the district show as a pivotal opportunity to fine-tune their practices and maintain their competitive edge.

Thinyane stressed the importance of maintaining Maseru district’s reputation as a leader in wool and mohair production, especially amidst growing challenges such as increased theft in rural areas.

Despite these challenges, Thinyane urged women and youth to venture into agriculture, highlighting its potential for empowerment and economic growth. 

The district show, held over two days at Ha Matela, attracted a significant number of participants, with 19 shearing sheds in operation—a testament to the sector’s growth and vitality.

Among the attendees was Mokone Lehata, a sheep farmer making his debut in the competition. 

Reflecting on his experience, Lehata expressed gratitude for the event’s motivation. 

“Participating in this competition has been eye-opening. It’s not just about the prizes; it’s about the knowledge and inspiration gained along the way,” he remarked.

Lehata’s sentiments echoed many newcomers’ sentiments, highlighting the event’s transformative impact on local farmers. 

He encouraged others to embrace similar opportunities, emphasising the tangible benefits they offer in terms of skills development and community engagement.

Lineo Rapuleng, of Standard Lesotho Bank, shed light on the bank’s commitment to supporting agricultural development. 

Through initiatives like workshops and ongoing financial assistance, the bank aims to empower farmers and strengthen their financial literacy.

“In addition to providing banking services, we also offer support to winning farmers,” Rapuleng explained.

“This includes gifts of feeds for sheep and goats, reinforcing our commitment to their success.”

As preparations for the national show continue, the collaboration between farmers and financial institutions underscores the collective effort to drive growth and prosperity in Lesotho’s agricultural sector. 

With dedication, innovation, and strategic partnerships, farmers in the Maseru district are poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming national showcase.

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