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Review: Ba Nrobile Pelo by Q-Real ft Piigh


Chris Theko

This week’s review tune is titled Ba Nrobile Pelo which is performed by Q-Real featuring Piigh, runs for 4 minutes 2 seconds.

Produced by Zinkz Dee, the joint was built on a 91 beats per minute (BPM) and laid on a 16/16 time signature.

In the instrumental arrangement, an accordion, drums and bass guitar come to the fore on while keeping the track’s rhythm.

Though the track has taken a more trap like sound, it also has a very significant sound to the famous sesotho genre famo.

To bracket the song and put it in a genre, we can say it Sesotho trap. This tune has sesotho hip hop and rnb elements in it.

It would be easy to just leave it at sesotho trap but the producer and the artist were smart enough to put in additional elements into the beat to give all those aforementioned genres their own shine on it.

On the lyrical and vocal aspect of the song Q-real opted to use Sesotho as his preferred language to lead the track.

To those unfamiliar with the lingo, the track’s title Ba Nrobile Pelo can be translated easily to ‘They broke my heart’ in English.

The muso sang from the perspective of someone scorned by past girlfriends particularly in a toxic relationship.

His lyrical assemblage of the song is one of bitterly regretting such a relationship after going multiple heartbreak from a partner. From finding the partner cheating, to being manipulated.

He emphasized the core of the tune in the chorus, “ha o ts’aba o ts’abe, motho o mots’abe o tla o etsa ntho tse bohloko. Ke ne ntse ke se tjena ba Nrobile banana, ba nrobile pelo…”

Transitioning to the verse, Q-Real uses a simple way to successfully put into picture through words how how his heartbreak ordeal took place.

The interchange between his own backing of the song and his lead is remarkable especially where it is followed by echoes of his voice.

We have at one point or the other been in a situation where we were heartbroken by someone we were romantically involvedwith, although it comes in different ways but the storyline would always have the same impact.

This song is relatable to most as it tell our different stories which may all have one thing in common being disappoint and heartache from relationships resulting into what is commonly known as relationship PTSD.

The track, Ba Nrobile Pelo rates at 8.5.

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