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Review: Hangover by Maya


Chris Theko

In this week’s edition we look at a track titled “Hangover” by Maya.

The track is one in series of singles released by the songstress. 

With a running time of 4 minutes 2 seconds, the track flows on 98 beats per minute (BPM) it follows the 90s RNB genre with a 4/4-time signature. 

She first broke into the mainstream with the release of her debut single “If I were you” back in 2017 which gathered her a lot of popularity and placed her right in the top of Lesotho’s RNB sensations. 

Since then she has gradually continued growing in her art, releasing a number of singles which included ‘Issues’, ‘Déjà vu’ and ‘Please’ also getting features from some of the prominent artists in the country such as Arc Flow. 

Hangover is the latest of her handful of singles, and was released in April 2020. Produced by Ismoke, it opens on a piano chord-progression with the vocalist immediately getting into the first verse. 

She gives a description of a person who was in love but now is left with nothing but the memories of the relationship comparing it to someone who was on drugs and now dealing with withdrawal symptoms as the relationship is now over. 

Then the song breaks into the chorus with her hitting the high and low notes. This part of the song talks about how she never wants to get over the love of the ex-lover and how she still suffers from its hangover which she can’t control. 

There is nothing out of the ordinary as she goes into another verse with her sweet and highly gifted voice that captures the listener’s attention all throughout. Captivating as it is, the producer also did a great job in making sure the beat of the song which is also well-mastered does not interfere or override her vocals. 

The song is all about a love hangover where she talks about the things that she now reminisces about since the relationship ended. 

On top of being a vocally gifted singer, Maya is also a talented song writer as this song’s clear and captivating lyrics were written by her just like many of her other singles.

The song will continue to remain timeless and relevant for many years to come due to the message in it like many other RNB songs.

Hangover by Maya deserves 8 out of 10 

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