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FNB changes its brand campaign


Seabata Mahao

First National Bank (FNB) Lesotho launched a new dynamic brand communications campaign to celebrate Basotho who take challenges in their stride, transform obstacles into opportunities and those who embrace change as a way of building a better future for themselves and others.

The new brand communications’ campaign #TheChangeables will continue to deliver on well-established brand purpose of helpfulness. FNB Lesotho is going to be seen all over with bright colours representing the change.

Speaking at the event of the launch of the initiative in Maseru yesterday, Chief Executive Officer of FNB Lesotho Delekazi Mokebe stated that Basotho have seen how Covid-19 has affected them but decided to change with the new normal so like Basotho, FNB Lesotho has decided to reach out to help the game changers in Lesotho.

“Lesotho has to change so today FNB Lesotho is committing to bring change and we are the changeables and we support the changeables. We strive for Basotho to implement change and allow us to help the developers to change,” Mokebe said.

She also said that the #TheChangeables is not specific in colours, but said that FNB Lesotho is engaging all bright colours. She also stated that they chose #TheChangeables because they have changed the way they have been doing their business like the innovation of e-Commerce where Basotho were enabled to do their business online.

“Early this year, FNB Lesotho helped 10 people with their innovative businesses because they qualified as the changeables. We are interested in the local businesses that employ Basotho and add to the economy of the country like the soap manufacturing company that is doing good in the country,” Mokebe added. 

For her part, Head of Marketing and Communications ‘Masakoane Marakabei added that FNB Lesotho believes change is inevitable hence FNB believes in its customers and the potential of its customers. She further said that to embrace change, FNB Lesotho supports all Basotho who are re-inventing themselves from the street vendors selling fruits to businesses that are selling via online platforms.

“We believe that a small change can make a huge difference. The Covid-19 pandemic challenged us in many ways and it further highlighted that life could change quickly. We had to adapt and ensure that our solutions are tailored to our customers’ context so together with our customer-centric solutions, we can confidently say that we are the bank of #TheChangeables,” Marakabei said.

Marakabei also mentioned that, the year 2020 was an indication to everyone that there really is no need to fear change but people should embrace it as a highly positive force of life. She stated that, #TheChangeables not only celebrates the willingness and courage of the agents of change to do exactly that but it also asserts FNB’s total commitment to supporting all the agents of change through the platform-based solutions as a trusted enabler of change and the preferred bank.

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