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LEC boosts squad


Mohloai Mpesi

The Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) has taken a step to boost its staff after experiencing technical problems.

About eight new employees are on the verge of finding new employment with the power utility company after announcement of numerous vacancies.

The positions which encompass senior personnel include Human Resource, Managing Director, Inspection Manager, Administration Manager inter alia.

According to the company’s Public Relations Manager Makhetha Motšoari, the company has decided make vacancies mainly for purposes of workforce bolstering in order to meet the company’s service delivery demands.

“People suffer and we thought it is important to increase our staff in order to meet the requirements of our consumers.   

“Some of the people who were occupying the positions were acting and have been acting for the longest time. Most of the vacancies were in acting capacity while we were still looking for tentative office bearers,” he said.

“There are some who have retired while some are disqualified from their posts, there is one disqualified person. Acting people do not have powers to appoint the candidates.

“We are hiring because we are short-staffed and we are serving many people in the country. Our demand for electricity is high and the service is increasing,” he said.

“In all the positions there is none that we can one is removed due to corruption. It is only that we recognised that we have to improve the services.     

Meanwhile, following a nationwide public outcry of bad service where subscribers could not purchase electricity coupons in the past couple of days, LEC has allayed the public fears.

In a statement released this week, LEC informs customers that vending systems resumes following the interruption that started on March 29, 2021.

“Electricity units can be purchased through the following vending channels; LEC Service Centres, Sales Agents, commercial Banks, Mpesa and Eco-cash.

“However, the purchase service is very slow due to traffic as many customers are trying to buy electricity. Our technicians are working hard to normalise the situation.

“LEC highly appreciates the patience demonstrated by customers and regrets any inconvenience that this problem might have caused,” he said.

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