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Minor escapes human trafficking


Seabata Mahao

Mazenod police are investigating a human trafficking case which involves a woman who encouraged her niece aged 14 years from Thaba-Tseka to come to Maseru for domestic work. Reports indicate that a woman working in the textile firms in Maseru who is also the aunt’s neighbour told her that she has found work for her as she had asked her for help but she declined the job offer because of health complications and encouraged her niece to take the job.

Furthermore, on June 26th 2021 the employer sent transport money to the victim to come to work in Maseru. On arrival in Maseru she was welcomed by a Mosotho man aged 20 years from Ha-‘Masana but she was surprised to notice that the man lived alone then he told her that she is going to be his wife.

The report also states that, the victim was ordered not to get out of the house also not to talk to anyone before the man forced himself on her and sexually assaulted her. On July 3rd 2021 when the suspect was not around the victim escaped and talked to the neighbours about her situation who then reported the matter to village chief and to the police. The victim was taken to the hospital while the suspect is still at large.

Police are on a man-hunt for murder suspects at Ha-‘Mankana where a 71-year-old woman was found dead in her house on June 8th 2021. The deceased was found strangled with her blanket with her empty wallet laying on the floor. Police suspect that the motive for the murder was robbery and theft, and urges the public to come forward with any information relevant to the incident.

Kamohelo Mats’oele, 20, from Phamong in Mohale’s Hoek appeared before the magistrate court on July 8th 2021 for sexually assaulting a 15 years old girl from the same village. He was granted M1 000.00 bail which he paid and will appear again on July 22nd 2021.

Police reports indicate that in May 2020 the victim was with the suspect and the other man aged 19 years old at around 21:00hours then she left them and went to her room to sleep that is when the suspect followed her, locked the door and forced himself on her. The victim reported the matter to her parents who went to the suspect’s parents who then requested that they should wait for the baby to be born.

The two families are then said to have begun marriage negotiations around the duo while agreeing that both families wait for the birth of the baby, after which the suspect’s family was no longer interested. It was then that on July 6th 2021 the victim’s parents reported the matter to the police which led to the arrest of the suspect.

In Quthing, Lieketseng Motemekoane, 26, from Tele appeared before the district magistrate charged with the murder of a 36-year-old man from the same village. According to police reports, on July 3rd the duo was at a local bar in Tele when an altercation erupted between them, the source of which was that the victim wanted to drink the deceased’s beer without his permission. It is said that the irked deceased then hit the Motemekoane with a beer crate to which she retaliated by stabbing him with a knife. The deceased was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. She awaits trial in custody and will appear again in court on July 20th 2021.

Police arrested seven people in relation to stock theft and the report indicates that, 22 cows, 2 horses, 15 donkeys, 81 sheep and 3 goats were reported stolen. Additionally, police retrieved 9 cows, 2 donkeys and 12 goats on their weekly operations where 9 cows have not been claimed.

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