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Parents of Tiny Tots pupils, what a lot!


So Tiny Tots, the beloved private school that taxes parents M6100 for three quarters, an amount that is exclusive of other educational costs that are thrown around as per the desire of the school’s owner to pocket enough profit, is at it again.

Last year it made headlines with a murder allegation and this month, actually last week reports of a sexual harassment emerged.

A case was reportedly opened and the perpetrator, a foreign male teacher was charged and released on free bail.

Reports around the sexual offence are so rife that even other parents whose children still go to the school have come forth confirming that the teacher is known for not only passing sexual comments at pupils but goes further to calling them “bo-my wife”.

What is perplexing about this whole Tiny Tots sexual incident is the irresponsibility displayed.

Parents are mum.

Those that dare to speak are uttering nonsensical gibberish that “if it was my daughter I would kill that teacher” what rubbish is that?

What happened to the notion that a child is raised by a community?

Are these other parents plainly stupid, complacent or drunk from the School Owner’s “respect me” juice? Because really it makes no sense how parents are choosing to disown their responsibilities of simply removing their children from that school so that their “desire” to have the school shutdown is realised.

They choose to throw stones at the government for not meddling in the affairs of the school, how stupid is that?

They have the controlling power, they are the ones who pay M18,300.00 annually to a person who has proven many times the inability to provide the “safety, security and private-school like education” to their children.

The consistent story around the sexual assault case of a 13-year-old scholar which points the incident to have happened last year yet only surfacing now is an epitome of how gullible people can be.

When they are busy writing long mind-numbing posts on different social media platforms yet in the morning they prepare their children to go to that very school, they are equally liable.

At worst they are contributing in the commission of a crime by playing accomplice.

Section 4 (5) of the Penal Code Act, 2010 provides that “A person who, having direct knowledge of the commission of an offence involving the taking or endangering of human life, without reason­able excuse fails to disclose to a chief, police or other law enforcement agents as soon as reasonably practicable such information as he or she possesses, com­mits an offence.”

So more than a single crime has been committed here. Dear parent, do, please do right by your kid, check yourself into the nearest police station.

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