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Police brutality surges


The unending killings exacerbated by the police callousness to the public pose not only a threat to the public but also a security question.

It was only last week when a suspect was reported dead at the Thetsane Police Station with doctors’ explanations that the deceased was stricken hard on the left foot which minced his bones to an unimaginable condition.

The doctor’s postmortem further illustrated that the latter’s rib bones were broken and caused blood clotting. When they realised that suspect was not dead, they strangled him until he breathed his last.

That’s not something new anyway, we are used to it. The news does not even drive waves of shock to a nine-year-old kid since police brutality has become the order of the day, with the men in blue sugar coating their immoral acts as “the suspect got tired during the interrogations.” The question left unanswered is that one demanding these questions which are so heavy that a person dies during the process.

Only fools don’t know that the police lack investigation skills. The only way for them to have information is when they beat a suspect to a pulp until one implicates self to the sins they have never committed.

The rule of law states that one will only be determined by the courts of law if guilty or not. The courts have the authority to pass sentence on one’s life after the matter has been debated in the court of law.

Our brothers and sisters in blue uniforms might have studied law at an unknown university, or maybe they have the power to assault the nation. The people entrusted to protect the public have become the enemies of their subjects.

The funny part is that it is barely a month since police officers were massacred in Mokhotlong, Leribe, Berea and Moshoeshoe I airport at an alarming degree that prompted the Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro to address the nation on the issue, and one could think that they learned to refrain from assaulting those they are entrusted to protect, but karma his its own way of coming back.

The most irritating thing is when the same incompetent premier fails to address the nation when his police officers delve into slaughter mode against people like Abrahams sacrificing sheep.

Many believed that the carnages made by the police have gone to bed but pigs might certainly fly. Since 2017 the killings have been swelling at an alarming rate without accountability.

The following people were killed at the hands of the police starting from 2017; Thelingoane Mota, 29/07/2017, Koro-Koro, Pakisi Sek’hethe Maqaleha (Male) 31/10/2017, Butha-Buthe, Mosuoe Raleababa (Male), 10/11/2017, Maputsoe, Molete Khalala (disabled) 13/12/2017, Mosaqane, Qacha’s Nek, Terene Pitae 07/02/2018, Kao, Butha-Buthe. The list is endless.

On the same note, a case of the late Mokalekale Khetheng who was murdered in 2016 allegedly by his police constable colleagues is still on-going against four policemen, while the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC)’s Head of Internal Audit Thibello Nteso’s two murderers were found guilty.

Moeketsi Dlamini and Monaheng ‘Musi were found guilty of slaying Nteso last year December 5, 2020, and slapped with 20-years prison sentence by Mokhesi without an option of fine.

This evidences the fact of the police who seem to be on a killing spree yet they whimper like dogs when one of their own is touched.

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