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Reforms process draws end


Mohloai Mpesi

The ship is finally touching shore for the National Reforms Authority (NRA)’s mandate which is set for completion next month.

This was revealed by the NRA Chairperson, Chief Pelele Letsoela this week during a media briefing held to update on the Authority’s work progress to date at the Old Parliament building in Maseru.

Letsoela said they have so far completed 63 amendments as they are approaching their initial target of burying 80 constitutional amendments. This means there are only 17 constitutional amendments to be completed.

He further told the press that the Authority was graced by the visit of the Southern African Development Committee (SADC)’s leader of the facilitation team to Lesotho, Dikgang Moseneke.

“We are now working on completing the reforms in November,” Letsoela said.

“Currently the bill has 37 amendments of constitution. You would recall that at the beginning of the journey we wanted to reach 80 amendments and we have made a huge progress. From September to October, we have managed to make 26 amendments,” he continued, adding that they have already filed the amendments in an Omnibus Bill.

“The important matter right now is the bill that is supposed to go to parliament (omnibus bill) which contains all the amendments to the constitution,” he said.

He continued that Moseneke was able to meet him as chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Deputy Chief Executive Officer because the Deputy Chairperson of NRA was in a workshop.

“On his arrival, he met the NRA leadership, he also met with some development partners as well as the opposition leaders.

“He was here to give encouragement to the members of NRA. He said he was satisfied with our work progress. He was unable to meet the rest of the NRA members because our women are in a workshop of private Organisations in Thaba-Bosiu. Some are in their respective committees,” he said.

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