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Review: Bitsa Maponesa by Skebz D


Chris Theko

The self-proclaimed Sotho-Hop king Skebz D dropped a single titled Bitsa Mapolesa on Friday April 30 and is this week’s gauged song on the review. 

The song is 3 minutes 29 seconds and is built on an 8/8-beats per minute (BPM).

It was written and is performed by Skebz D with on production.  It is a hip hop track under the subgenre “TÅ¡epe” from sotho hop. 

The former Big Bang artist always keeps his identity with the authentic sotho hop swag, although with this one the sound has leaned slightly to trap. 

His rap flow on the joint shows his capabilities and the story-telling is attractive to the ear.

The song talks heavily about his skill and talent of rapping that have gotten him the name rap god.

Bitsa Mapolesa is a lose translation to call the cops. He is basically asking for fellow rappers to call the cops on him because he is causing havoc. 

The lyrical content on the song is not one to be questioned. The track opens up with a pre-hook before it moves into the hook. With no backup vocals he did justice to the hook. 

Maintaining a rap and singing flow throughout while bringing in bar after bar, his rhythmic flow and timing are precise. 

It goes without saying that this is another classic Sotho hop King hit with simplicity but swag and class.  No wonder why he calls himself a musical hero somewhere in the lines and says people call him the rap god. 

The rapper’s clarity plays very good to beat of the song and makes it easy to listen to, while also making it entertaining. 

It is a club banger.

The song rates at 7.5 out 10   

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