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Review: Geza Boy by Zinkz Dee


Chris Theko

This week’s review is Zinkz Dees’ latest single titled Geza Boy. 

The track runs for 4 minutes and 9 seconds. Geza boy was arranged on a 4/4-time signature and speed of 110 beats per minute (BPM). 

Geza is a slang word from a language famously known as ‘tsotsi tal’ popular in neighbouring South Africa, which has most of the words derived from the IsiZulu language. In Zulu, geza simply means to bath, needless to say the track is telling a boy or a man to bath. 

With a Sotho hop rhythm fused with some elements of trap, the song is identical with his sound from the first beat. 

The beat kicks-off on a piano cord followed by some percussions overlaid with a bass guitar that ascends as the song evolves. 

There is also an element of lead guitar featured in the background adding to the beat a nice surprise and amusing element when one listens to how the song is structured. 

Highlighting the core of the song, Zinkz Dee starts with the hook which immediately captures the listener’s attention. The tempo of the beat and the rapper’s speed go in-sync with neither overriding the other. 

Common in most trap, or in this case, sotho hop songs, the muso is backed up by a male singer while time to time his echoes appear to be the backings. 

It does have an added second harmony to the supreme voice that’s at a lower register (Octave), acting as an anchor to his pitch as the song gets to the climax.

The rapper breaks into the verse as he goes deeper with some wordplay. His Sesotho lyricism and articulation are exceptional since he does not murmur his words. 

It is this verse where he really passes the message on asking boys or men to stop making excuses about not bathing, talking about how they will start bathing only when they can afford labels such as Gucci and Versace and to stop comparing themselves with people who have money.

“Tlohella hore ba u loea, hlapa hoba tšila ke curse, servicer koloi u khanne tseleng tse li curve. Hoa hlamatseha ntate, hlapa u booste CV…”

He is all about advising the males on the importance of bathing and cleanliness especially if they want the ladies to even look at them. 

His rhythmic style and lyricism to the beat is well-handled and coordinates exceptionally well.

A second voice appears in the pipeline that sings along with Zinkz Dee. 

Though the voice corresponds with the lead, it could have been better managed and composed as its entry and exit are not timed to the overall composition. 

Geza Boy rates at 8 out 10.      

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