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Review: Metsuntsunyane by Dj Masilo ft Siya & Mokoena D


Chris Theko

On the review this week we gauge a single performed by Dj Masilo alongside the duo of Siya and Mokoena D titled Metsuntsunyane, which was released on May 12, 2021.

Mentsuntsunyane is an Amapiano tune with a slightly mid-tempo rhythm built on a 101-beats-per-minute (BPM) and a time elapse of 6 minutes 61 seconds.

A producer himself, Dj Masilo is the man behind the production of the song which was created at the Quadro Booming studios. It bears a communication message between a man and his woman whereby the man had gone to work far from home for over four years. 

The woman is simply asking the man if he still remembers he has a home and if he still plans to come back home.   

The song composition is well put together according to the requirements of the Amapiano genre. From the collection of notes, the melodies, phrases, rhythms, lyrics, they all come together nicely. The lyrical content is taken care of by Siya and Mokoena D in three languages; IsiZulu, Sesotho and English.     

It starts with a kick of drums and bass which are immediately followed by the melodious vocals of Siya on the first verse hitting the high notes as she sings in IsiZulu. 

The hook is also handled by the gifted vocals of Siya who sings in two different voices (lower and higher octave) as though she sings out but the beat continues. This is also done so that one vocal tone can complement the other to make a holistic vocal range. 

The beat and the voices complement each other so well with both artists’ voices. Mokoena D dives into the second verse of the song while keeping with the message of the song, the artist highlights how he has been away for so long and it is not good for the kids but he shall be back. 

In the follow up, they both go at it in the hook with each taking their own direction in conveying their message.  This leads to the closing where they both sing out the last verse with an assertive tone. 

The song is a classical hit of note which besides being a club banger, has a domestic message which a lot of house songs barely highlight.

Metsuntsunyane rates at 7.5 out 10            

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