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Road Fund –Tender Notice!!!


Tender for Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment
The Road Fund Secretariat requests proposals from suitably qualified
locally registered suppliers with the capacity to supply and deliver ICT
equipment according to the following details:

  1. Suppliers are expected to tender according to the following categories:
    Lot 1: Supply of 15 Desktops
    Lot 2: Supply of 4 Laptops
    Lot 3: Supply of 4 Scanners and 25 Laptop Bags
    Lot 4 : Supply of 30 Handheld PDA Terminals
    Lot 5: Supply of 10 Laptops
  2. Tenderers must submit a bid security from a reputable banking or
    Insurance company registered with the Central Bank of Lesotho and valued
    at 5% of the bid amount;
  3. Bidders must be compliant with their tax and licensing obligations;
    hence a valid company Tax Clearance and valid Trader’s License must be
  4. Bidders should indicate delivery period from the time of receiving the
    official order.
    Detailed minimum specification and tender requirements are available
    at the Road Fund website and from the Road Fund
    Offices at the reception area from Monday 03rd July 2023.
    Sealed bids clearly marked “Tender for Supply of and Delivery of ICT
    Equipment” bearing no identification of the bidder should be deposited in
    the tender box located at the reception area of the Road Fund offices on or
    before Friday 14th July 2023 at 12:00hrs (midday)
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