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Ministry of finance — Call to Participate



The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning invites members of the public to participate in Pre-Budget Consultations. The Government has adopted the pre-budget consultations since 2017 where Lesotho engaged in the International Budget Survey with International Budget Partnership (IBP) which investigates whether the Government is transparent, participatory and accountable.

The objective is to enhance transparency, participation and oversight in budget management process which in turn supports the implementation of a public participation or citizens engagement policy within the national budget cycle.  

The purpose of Pre-Budget Consultation is (i) to enrich the national budget process with inputs from nongovernment stakeholders, and other relevant sectors towards better alignment of National Strategic Development Plan with citizens’ needs and concerns; and (ii) to improve government practice on public participation and closing the feedback loop on the budget process increased government responsiveness and public accountability.

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is asking the public’s views on Lesotho’s budget process for 2024/25 budget formulation on:  

  1. What improvements can be made to the budget to deal with the challenge of long-term fiscal sustainability? 
  2. In light of limited resources, how should Lesotho finance key priorities?
  3. What are the three main priorities that could be put in the budget?

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning will accept written submissions on the topics and will host a one-day public consultation meeting to discuss the ideas put forward. The submissions can be made by email to or be hand delivered at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, office Number 3061.  Written submissions should not be more than three pages. The Submission date is on or before the 20th July 2023.

Following Ministry of Finance and Development Planning’s review of submissions, stakeholders may be invited to present their views on a panel of speakers for the virtual public meeting. 

While Ministry of Finance and Development Planning would like to respond to each submission in writing, practically this is not possible, a summary report will be published. All submissions will be published via the Ministry’s website where they may be viewed. The outcomes from the public consultation meeting are intended to inform Ministry of Finance and Development Planning’s proposed budget strategy to be considered by Cabinet in the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement, which is an important step in the planning phase of the budget process.

Whilst the public consultative meeting is not a decision-making forum, it is an important platform for debate and to share your views on the critical topics confronting Lesotho’s fiscal challenges.

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