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Rule of law or rule of the jungle?


The inhumane and disreputable treatment that the security urgencies in the country unashamedly continue to subject fellow citizens to needs to come to a halt.

In fact, the remedy to this virus could be none other than a severe sanction from the international funds and loans until the government has worked on the solution to this endless problem.

Yes! A punitive action needs to be taken against the comrades in the National Assembly who have been elected to ensure protection of the human rights of the people.

However, the most curious question would be, if Dr Moeketsi Majoro as a doctor entrusted to cure problems of this country, is failing to employ his academic acumen to emancipate the country out of its ills.

Would it be that the PhD holder was selfishly looking to pump his pockets with public coffers and neglect the prevailing problems of this country which inter alia include police brutality and accruing homicides?

The same question should equally be extended to his right hand man Mathibeli “Mr Smart man” Mokhothu the Deputy Premier who is proclaimed as thus, although one wonders which criteria the ‘smartness’ refers. Because in the end it would seem that the opposite is more true than otherwise.

Last week the comrades in government offices were inking the country’s second compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) while on the same day the police were battering the citizens in Thaba-Tseka district for merely protesting for their rights.

Zero tolerance to police brutality is one of MCC’s legislative criteria to enable the compact to eligible recipients, and yet ironically the Corporation passed the compact regardless the reigning social life terrors inflicted on the citizens.

The chief’s son was mauled to a pulp and locked in a cell in the same village while protesting against a construction company that supposedly cut-off electricity line from the transformers which supplies electricity to the village.

Reports from the incident which was also virally spread in video through social media networks, indicate how the gentlemen in uniform, both blue (police) and green (soldiers) had a field day rolling villagers in the midst of a dirt road like empty gas cylinders while also clobbering them with assault sticks (mabetlela).

The villagers were mauled, insulted and disgraced in more ways than as “…they made us walk on tiptoes while holding our ears and beating us. Our bodies are swollen with beatings,” said one middle aged woman.    

If the premier with his qualifications dismally fails to lead the country and put a halt to these unwelcoming acts then the international funders should fold their arms and pocket their money until the comrades make the wellbeing of the public their priority.      

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