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Simply Talent tops Major League basketball


Chris Theko

The Major League Basketball (MLB) playoffs wrapped-up on Saturday at the Ratjomose courts where the Simply Talent boys came out top of the range following great displays of flair.

The contest was between four top teams which made the cut for the playoffs being Simply Talent, Razzmatazz, KTA All-Stars and Shooting Rifles. 

Simply Talent defeated Razzmatazz with a score line of 60:36 while KTA All Stars won 56-44 against Shooting Riffle during the games that took place much to the appreciation of the basketball lovers.

During the tournament’s first round Simply Talent only lost a game to KTA All Stars who beat them 52-45 while they redeemed themselves in the second round with a win. 

As things stand, the MLB log table is led by Simply Talent in first position with KTA All Stars following closely and Shooting Riffles on third while Razzmatazz comes trailing in fourth place. 

The MLB was established as a private basketball league aimed at keeping the vibe and activity in the sport which has been out of action since 2019 following the 2020 eruption of the covid-19 pandemic. The league was founded in 2020 but only got to life in early 2022 spear-headed by former executives and administrators of the game.

“MLB was established to bring basketball excitement, discipline and oneness among players because over the recent years there has been a lot of division in the game which would often lead to quarrels,” this was said by one of the founders and KTA All Stars players, Molupe RatÅ¡olo, adding that they had to initiate the league in order to keep the players who are mostly youths from unhealthy activities such as engaging in drug-abuse. 

The first leg of the league was played in February with the second following in March followed by the weekend’s third leg action.

All the teams under the MLB qualified automatically to participate in the playoffs since only four teams are required and as things stand the league is made up of four teams currently.

In the semifinals the best three teams will compete with the top teams qualifying for the MLB championship to be played later on in the year. 

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