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The Review: Dokofala (Ghanama Sesotho version) Wave Rhyder & Ntate Stunna


Chris Theko

Since South African singer and musician Makhadzi released a single titled Ghanama in July 2021, the song has had different artists make their own samples of the song in different languages including the Zulu version by Sdala B & Paige.

On the review this week we have decided to take a listen to the recently-released Ghanama Sesotho version performed by Wave Rhyder & Ntate Stunna (Dokofala).

The song was officially released onSeptember 5, 2021; it is an amapiano sound with a twist of hip hop. The song runs for 4 minute 15 seconds, built on 101-Beats-Per-Minute (BPM) and laid on 100/100 time signature. 

The instrumental of the song is still on the same rhythm and tune as that of the original song by Makhadzi. 

A lot of percussions and drums come into play a number of times on top of the piano cord strings laced with a seldom sound of the trumpet.

The trumpet is not much but when it comes in, it gives the song a beautiful melody. 

The song is mostly sung in Sesotho and is about the famous mojolo topic. In recent times it has been one thing and the other about the topic. 

The hook is sung by Wave Rhyder, although not far from the original track’s lyrics, he tried to redo most of the lyrical content. 

He is simply stating that his life problems do not end and they are mostly caused by relationships, he tries to be loyal but somehow he seems to be bewitched. 

In popular music, a cover version is sort of a remake, a new performance or recording by someone other than the original performance. 

Half the time when a cover song is made it becomes more popular than the original, it was therefore, not a surprise to see the Dokofala track capture more attention than the Ghanama. 

As Ntate Stunna comes in on his verse, he talks about how he was all in as far as a relationship was concerned but he was left stranded when the guys with bigger and more expensive cars came into the picture.

“Bafana ba li VW bamo nkile…Nthaby o sa jola a cool nigga since re breaka up… She got a cool figure and ha ke mo texter nou o sa mblue ticker, ha ke sa jola…

It moves back to the hook as it comes to a wrap while both artists sing together but it fades out with Wave Rhider having the last say.

The song has gotten a surprising reception from the general public and it has portrayed itself as a summer song. 

Dokofala (Ghanama Sesotho version) rates at 9 out of 10  

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