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Boxing in a rough patch


Mohloai Mpesi

The Lesotho Boxing Association (LeBA)’s ongoing preparations for committee elections is likely to bring to a halt some of its activities.

LeBA committee was dismantled last month by the boxing club members who wrote to the two sporting mother-bodies in the country, the Lesotho National Olympic Committee (LNOC) and Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC), seeking to elect a new committee and two temporary members, Lehlohonolo Seneiman and Sebusiso Keketsi were nominated to facilitate the elections process.

Speaking with Newsday Sports earlier this week, Keketsi indicated that boxing activities are likely to suffer because the election preparations are anticipated to take about three months.

“This committee was dismantled because it has not been productive for a very long time, something which has already hindered progress on the side of boxing. No activities can take place without the committee’s involvement, especially when it comes to tournaments,” Keketsi clarified.

In the letter which was addressed to the LNOC and LSRC on November 11, the clubs lamented the seemingly redundant offices of both the association’s president and secretary general.      

“The undersigned club members bring to your attention that the Leba committee which was elected on March 17 has collapsed. It can be realised that the positions of the president, two vice presidents, the secretary general, treasurer and ex-officio legal are inoperative,” the letter reads.

“As members, we have chosen two temporary members who will assist and guide club members to final elections, Lehlohonolo Seneiman and Sebusiso Keketsi,” the letter said.

Keketsi disclosed that since the dissolution of the committee, not much progress has been made, adding that the preps have long procedures including having to allow the clubs to select potential candidates for the vacant positions before sending such names to the international Boxing mother-body, the International Boxing Federation (IBF).   

He added, “We are in the beginning phase and we are trying to work it out more so because the committee’s term ended abruptly, something which is not normal.”

Keketsi further indicated that it would be impossible for things to fall into place within a month’s period due to the demanding nature of the procedures to be followed in an event of electing a committee.

“We have to let the clubs know about this and pick potential candidates whose names would have to be sent to the IBF to get a go ahead, including provision of the dates for the elections.

“We were summoned by the two mother bodies for a meeting on Wednesday, but the meeting was canceled as they said they would be holding a workshop on that day, promising to notify us of the new date,” he said.

“It would take roughly M10 000 to prepare for the whole elections process, including provision of accommodation for representatives of the international mother body representative. It would however cost less if the representative does not come,” he added.     

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