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Poloko Mokhele

The Heat! Go Hard! Go Local!

That was the tagline for this year’s edition of Cleketseng, the popular annual entertainment event held at Ha Foso every March.

This year’s event, which brings entertainment lovers and local artists into one place, took place last Saturday. Wow, what a well-planned and executed do!

One thing I can tell is that Basotho showed up and all local artists that were booked delivered. I do not know whether it was because of the tagline or what, but after the previous column where I shared that our entertainment needs a revamp, I think after Cleketseng there is somewhere we are going.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to great reviews of the event and as an entertainment writer I could help but smile over the positivity brought by our artists and Cleketseng event organisers to our entertainment industry which looked like it was on its knees, but it has surely been saved now, I think.

Special shoutout to Clepa and Lieketseng Twala who came up with the concept of bringing Basotho into one place in that manner. Cleketseng is said to be the abbreviation of Clepa and Lieketseng who are the lovely couple behind the event. May the couple’s love stay tight at all times; Basotho need you till the coming of Jesus!

Based on the beauty I saw after the event and the excitement, I could help but also share a few words on Facebook and Twitter where I called on all event organisers and photojournalists to please bring back some spark in events they host and cover, respectively.

There was something so beautiful during the event, the social media manager of Cleketseng Facebook page made you wish to be there, wherever you were, sharing beautiful quality highlights of the event. I am talking about hashtags, photos, and live videos, man you just had to be there!

I know as you read this, you probably saying “but this has been done before,” yes! But what made Cleketseng content special was the quality of photos, and clear live videos sound. As a social media manager, I could also note that unlike some pages managed by more than one person.

This one had only one person behind it during that moment. I hope all social media managers were taking tips too, good presentation is so important!

I will not say much about the artists who performed, but what I can tell is that it was a 100 percent local line-up, and like I mentioned before, they all delivered in the greatest way!

Among some of the artists that were present included Omali Themba, Afro Deejay, Dj Warrys, Pitso Ramakhula, Juvy, Trybz, Donny B, Malome Vector, Bootz, and Thizozo whose performance kept many people talking about the event.

Thizozo who performs in black clergy attire with a white collar is best known for playing gospel songs during his set, leaving gospel lovers begging for more at all times. The songs range from local hits like those of Macecelia a St. Paul and South African gospel.

I am yet to hear his set live, this is why I wish my Editor will be kind enough to get me a ticket to attend the Let’s Touch Your Soul R&B and Comedy Easter Edition which will be hosted by Thizozo at Maseru Club on April 9.

Until we engage again on Friday, April 28, peace, love, and good vibes! Remember that this column comes on the last Friday of every month.

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