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Changing the entertainment industry, episode by episode


Poloko Mokhele

The entertainment scene in the country is slowly taking a new direction, with some event organisers shifting away from hosting night events as most are always intending to come with different ways to add a breath of fresh air to their events.

This is the direction that Calibre Media wants to take through Read Cue Play, a platform where entertainment lovers come together to show their love for music and art by hosting artists on every episode at different locations, with an idea of also promoting the places.

The next episode was scheduled to be hosted on April 9 at a private location with Traxler as the main headliner.

The show which uses YouTube to promote and upload all its episodes, was established by Teboho Senekane, after realising that it is time to come up with a different concept of having fun.

In an interview with the platform’s Brand Manager, Sello Makutle indicated that “Ready Cue Play is a show meant to promote local artists. We noted that we have a large number of deejays in the country, we are currently focusing on engaging them only.”

However, he was quick to add that besides deejays, they are also looking to engage and showcase other people and brands involved in the entertainment industry.

After the hosting every event, an episode of it is uploaded on Ready Cue Play YouTube account, in order to showcase the talent of the deejay that may have been invited and how the event was like.

“When the idea to introduce Ready Cue Play was established, it was because we had noted that forms of having in Lesotho are the same and that is drinking and night life, so we thought of coming with different that can be enjoyed even by people who do not drink alcohol,” Makutle said.

Asked whether they are achieving their objective, Makutle stated that he believes they are achieving because of the response and support they have received from their patrons.

“One of the things I believe is playing a major role in the success of Ready Cue Play is the branding, because every time we host events I always ensure that we have quality posters promoting the event and that it receives engagement from people,” he said.

Makutle pointed out that so far the event’s attendees remain exclusive, by invite only because they are still in the early stages of it but hope to do it in the next future. “We also want to approach other brands on board that can support the events. So in order to give them quality content, we need to first that with a low size audience, hence the attendees are still by invite only,” he added.

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