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MCT Entertainment making significant strides


Chris Theko

Having been established in 2019 with the goal to enabling artists, corporates and innovators to fulfill their recording, multimedia design, music branding, distribution and consulting needs in a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere, MCT Entertainment has become the hub for talent in Lesotho over the past two years.

The Entertainment Company operates as a management hub for a number of musicians. It was founded by Member of Parliament for the Stadium Area #31 constituency Mokherane Chaltin Tsatsanyane in move to contribute towards youth development. 

In 2021 DJ and former radio presenter turned Professional Marketing and Sales Personnel, Halerekoe ‘DJ Hally’ Moshoeshoe was appointed as its Director. 

Hally told Newsday Arts in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that since the birth of MCT entertainment, the livelihoods of young Basotho creatives have been changed. 

“If you look at the industry in Lesotho there has always been a struggle for a lot of our artists to be successful and monetize their creativity and be able earn a living from their talents. That is why MCT Entertainment is here and looking at the past few years, a lot of lives have been changed,” Hally said. 

In 2019 their first artist Ntate Stunna broke into the South African music scene with the release of his EP titled Sesotho Fashioneng which saw him become one of the most sought-after independent artists. 

“We want to break the challenge that has been facing a lot of our artists in regards to exploitation especially when they go across the borders.

“Many of those who made it in the past had to work extra hard but still struggled while some needed luck. So MCT Entertainment is here to make life easier for them. 

“The whole idea is to mentor, coach, and to educate the creatives and instill in them the business sense to their art, because at the end of the day it is not all about the fame,” he further added.   

The board of directors managing MCT Entertainment consists of Thato ‘KI’ Lethunya as production manager and Moshe ‘King Moses’ Libaba also production manager as well as Ntoetse Moshoeshoe.

The company’s vision is to assist Lesotho artists and entertainers to meet international standards.

The company boasts a host of big names such as Malome Vector, Kopper Waleh, Omali Themba, Morena Sway, Blaze Shatta Queen, Mmateng, Dj P-Dee, Jiji-F and Maya amongst others. They are also in partnership with Sotho Kids Model Agency.      

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