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Lilaphalapha TV product of rejection


Chris Theko

Actor, producer and comedian, Bofihla Neko has expanded his profile, having launched an online television channel called Lilaphalapha TV on 17 September 2020. 

The self-confessed patriotic Mosotho businessman told NewsdayArts that he decided to have a TV channel after he was constantly rejected by the national television channel, Lesotho Television. 

“I was interested in having my content aired on the one already existing channel in the country, but it was rejected and I was told my quality does not suite their standard,” Neko said. 

Instead of being discouraged, he narrated that he took the rejection as an inspiration and motivation to have his own TV channel where he will also provide a stage for other Basotho.   

‘Neko said he opted for an online platform because he believes it breaks frontiers due to its limitless geographical location. 

“Online streams or content is more accessible than the ordinary channels we know.  Once you are online, you are already global with a wider reach,” he said. 

Popularly known to as Lilaphalapha, the comedian and actor indicated that the content of his TV is news and entertainment which will be presented in different forms from all other TV stations, breaking the norm. 

“We are a beautiful country with a lot that is yet to be explored, and a market to be tapped into. Lesotho is a unique country with a lot of untold stories which should be explored. 

“It is time we made our own celebrities and loved our own people,” Neko explained. 

The comedian said having travelled Lesotho and other countries, he observed what other countries are implementing as far as the fourth industrial revolution and cited that it is high time Basotho explore that in all aspects for the benefit of the entertainment industry. 

“We are far behind with the new wave digital space and that has to change and hopefully Lilaphalapha TV is a start,” he said. 

“Things are starting to change gradually into the digital world and we have to be part of that change and market ourselves to the rest of the world, it’s a process but we will get there,” he added.   

According to Neko, people seem to be liking the idea and showing interest in the shows but insisted that it still is a challenge since not everyone in Lesotho fully understands the fourth industrial revolution. 

The TV idea was started as a pilot project back in 2019 through his Lilaphalapha Social page on Facebook. 

He then got into a partnership with a local production company for improved content delivery. 

“I work with Countryside Pictures Production Company owned by Saba Rasehloho and we have been on this journey together for some time now and we are eager to see this through,” stated Neko. 

Lilaphalapha boldly said they will work very hard to make it famous because it should be for the coming generations also.

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