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LMPS better not teach RNP brutality technique


The human makeup is such that it is supposed to be easier to learn the good than it is to pick the bad. However, man’s sinful nature after the fall makes it almost automatic to pick the bad at the expense of the good even if the power of choice is at the disposal of the choice maker.

The analogy is especially important when one has to make reference of nations such as the Republic of Rwanda especially vis-à-vis the Kingdom of Lesotho, our beautiful motherland more so in dealing with issues of national security and the like, such as policing.

So the republic is renowned the world over as a country that returned from the precipice of total wipeout through a massive about-turn to a complete makeover of a great nation with obvious aspirations of a better future that is the envy of the world.

That said, it only makes sense that it would do all of us so much good on the continent even the globe if the Kingdom were to take a leaf or two from the book of life that is the Rwandan way of doing things, thus learning from the best, the reformed, especially as we round up our National reforms journey.

Were it to be, that, God forbid, Rwanda picks up for its police force, the ways and habits of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service particularly now that we know the two nations are going to be involved in a kind of exchange programme, there will be pandemonium in the region.

LMPS is probably the most brutal police service in the world, well, that could be subjective, but from what we have seen, they really are up there with the best (read that as worst) if there is any kind of competition even.

One would have thought that the brutality that engulfs the police officers’ operation once in service is influenced by those whom they find in the force already practicing it, passing it down from generation to generation, but no!

It would appear that there is something inside, at training so strong that the police trainees indulge in which makes them such brutal brutes. There must be a module inside there that deals with ‘killing the humane side’ of anyone that makes them come out with near-zero empathy.

This was epitomized by the police recruits, who later today will be earning the title or rank of police constable, when in December they were brought out into the world for practical, as well as helping out through the festive congestion. No sooner had they landed on the streets than, people began complaining, moaning, wriggling and writhing in pain as the youths unleashed their violence onslaught upon them.

People were caned, punched, kicked, slapped, shoved around sworn at and done all sorts of unpalatable things by police trainees bringing us to a conclusion that brutality, assault and inhumane treatment is actually learnt-whether formally or informally-inside.

Therefore, we pray that the Rwandan National Police (RNP) only pick-up the good that there is to learn from the LMPS, otherwise the whole of Africa will be singing one tune-police brutality and the choir master will be LMPS, Selah!!!!

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