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Politicians’ misguided priorities continue


The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Democratic Congress Mathibeli Mokhothu has been the busiest human being in the country this week.
Although this is quite something that has become synonymous with him, going for campaign rallies whenever he feels like it, this week he probably hit the highest of high in lows.
The National Assembly leader, or Leader of the House as better known, snubbed Parliamentary sitting when very an important activity was going-on, the final day of its sitting, more so discussing as crucial a piece of legislation as one dealing with reforms.
He left the Upper House – Senate and went on to pursue his political endeavours in the Mafeteng district doing campaigning for the up-coming elections.
In these missions, he does anything and I mean anything, with which he can woo the interest of the people in a quest to win the electorate over to his corner in the general elections. He has been seen buying snacks, walking around in the streets almost on his own with his bodyguards a distance away, greeting people smiling like ordinary man in the street.
He has taken rides in public transport vehicles, but lately he has taken it a notch higher. At one point he was seen buying bucketful of fat cakes feeding the masses like The Bible Jesus, and even entering a pub to buy gallons of beer to serve the sorrowful and ‘thirsty’.
Social media could not keep quiet as the pictures and videos of Mokhothu feeding the hungry with fat cakes went viral, as he was recorded making people line up for one or two. Makes one wonder if that is the lowest he thinks of Basotho!
Soon after he left, the Members of the Senate had sought for his assistance which was not forthcoming as he was out in Thaba-Morena doing ‘his thing’. Again, makes one wonder where the aspirant Prime-Minister’s priorities lie. Out in the villages gushing out snacks, cakes and beer or being where the electorate placed him – dealing with policy and governance issues?
All politicians would move-mountains to garner as many votes as one can, even if that means stretching up a tent at a funeral and start spewing infamous political rhetorical lines “you should make the right choice when you vote.”
The startling part is to see feeble-minded people with pea-sized brains toeing behind the latter.
The exhibition is a two-edged-sword that vividly demonstrates in deeper terms the level of poverty the country sinks-in and how much the politicians use the same fate for their advantage to campaign, return to the incumbent seat, starve the country and repeat the process.
The guy calls this “rata oa heno” (love your neighbour) movement; a curious question would be, if he really loves Basotho why did he fail to underpin their businesses to sustain their lives?
An oft-quoted saying and one full of social wisdom goes like: “Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry again tomorrow; teach him to catch a fish, and he will be richer all his life.
The old-aged adage is enough to indicate how he and his ilk prey on the needy.
He has been occupied by the little things of life, while the country was going through a tough period of reforms which were much anticipated to bring peace to the country.

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