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Man charged for fathering own daughters child


Seabata Mahao

A Mosotho man aged 46 is awaiting trial in police custody charged with incest after allegedly sexually assaulting his 14 years old daughter who recently gave birth to her father’s child.

He is expected to make an appearance before the Quthing Magistrate Court on June 15, 2022 after his first which was on May 30, 2022 where he was denied bail.

According to Police Deputy Spokesperson, Inspector ‘Mareabetsoe Mofoka, the suspect reported the matter to the police earlier saying his daughter had been sexually assaulted by an unknown person.

Mofoka said it was upon the completion of police investigations, that they discovered that the unknown suspect was in fact the suspect and he was arrested.

Police reports also show that the victim’s mother works in South Africa hence she was staying with the suspect.

Meanwhile, in other news, ‘Mapitso Thibeli aged 31 has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment after being found guilty of concealment of her child’s birth.

Thibeli who is a resident of Ha-Maimane appeared before the Maseru Magistrate Court on June 1, 2022 where she was found guilty and sentenced to a two-year imprisonment or pay a fine of M5 000.00 which she failed to pay.

The police reports indicate that, on May 30, 2022 the accused gave birth to a baby girl then fatally suffocated it with a pillow.

Mofoka said when interrogated, the suspect said she did that because she was not going to be able to raise the child as she already had five children alive and two who have passed away.

Meanwhile, Mofoka said two suspects from Ha-Matala and Ha-Pita have been arrested on suspicions of robbery. She said the first suspect who is a driver of a company that supply tobacco products to other supermarkets along with the second suspect who is the cashier at the mentioned company stole tobacco products worth M600 000.00.

The police investigations reveal that, the driver was delivering tobacco products to another supermarket, when he shortly went back to report that he was robbed on his way to make the delivery.

However, Mofoka mentioned that, police investigations revealed that the two suspects planned the robbery adding that the police also recovered some 50 boxes of tobacco products with money worth M21 000 from them.

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