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Lovers arrested for molesting minors


Seabata ‘Mahao

An elderly couple is currently awaiting trial in police custody after being charged for sexually assaulting two minors.

The first suspect who is a 54-year-old man along with the second suspect who is a 60-year-old woman, both residents of Botha-Bothe, were arrested by the police and appeared before Botha-Bothe Magistrates Court on April 22, 2022.

The first suspect was given a M1 500.00 bail with surety of M2 000.00 while the second suspect was given M500.00 bail which they both failed to pay.

According to Police Spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli, the two lovers were both charged for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl.

Mopeli said the first suspect sexually abused the minor victims numerous times and when they reported the issue to the second suspect, they were told to not tell anyone.

It was stated that the police learned about the on-going criminal activity through the tip-offs which led to the arrest of the two suspects as the second one was an accomplice to a sexual assault act.

In another case, Mopeli said a 24-year-old Mosotho man from Matheneng, Mafeteng who lives at Qoaling in Maseru appeared before the magistrate on April 25, 2022 on charges of the murder of a member of the National Security Service (NSS) who was shot dead on March 30, 2022 at Qoaling.

The report indicates that a 9mm firearm belonging to the deceased victim was found on the suspect along with 55 bullets.

Mopeli said other suspects have since fled while the arrested suspect is currently in police custody awaiting trial and will make his second appearance before Maseru Magistrates’ Court on May 6, 2022.

Mopeli stated that, the police have noticed that the on-going crimes are caused by the members of the Famo Music Gangs or the affiliated members of the illegal mining in South Africa who are targeting the security agency members with firearms in order to take their licensed guns.

Meanwhile, 12 suspects have been arrested in suspicions of stock theft and will appear before the magistrate later this week.

Mopeli said the police have received multiple cases of stock theft where 99 cows, 3 horses, 13 donkeys, 49 sheep, 21 goats and 1 pig.

He said the police retrieved 10 cows, 3 horses, 7 donkeys, 102 sheep and 7 goats adding that the police have also retrieved 7 cows and 68 sheep which were stolen in South Africa saying there are 2 cows, 3 horses, 7 donkeys, 34 sheep and 3 goats which have not been claimed. The police urge the public at large to improve their livestock security as winter seems to be the time where stock theft crimes escalate. The stock theft department also advised to mark their animals with tattoo marks and burn marks to avoid losing livestock. Farmers and shepherds are also advised to travel in groups when they return their herds and flocks home for winter break to avoid being invaded by the perpetrators.

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