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Minister urges vigilance against Covid-19 as winter approaches


Ntsoaki Motaung

During the launch of Africa Vaccination Week, Minister of Health Selibe Mochoboroane issued a stern warning about the looming threat of Covid-19 as winter approaches, urging the public to remain vigilant against the persistent pandemic.

The Minister said people need to continue taking the Covid-19 vaccine and adhere to other safety protocols to enhance their protection against the illness.

“One can see that we are getting into winter and it is going to be cold. Everyone is encouraged by the ministry to go back to the safety protocols against Covid-19 including wearing masks,” he said. As the Ministry of Health we encourage everyone that, even though Covid-19 is not strong as before, due to the coldness use masks to protect yourselves,” he said.

He encouraged those who have not received any dose of Covid-19 vaccine to do so for the sake of their health.

Mochoboroane explained that the Africa Vaccination Week is celebrated each year on the last day of April, and Lesotho decided to commemorate the week in Quthing. He said the main benefit of vaccination is to prevent diseases.

“These are the vaccines given to children and old people including the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said.

He said it is the right of every child to get vaccines which include Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG), polio vaccine, measles and rubella and parents are encouraged to make sure that children are protected.

Mochoboroane indicated that Lesotho was still faced with the challenge of many children who did not get vaccines as they were supposed to.

He said the Ministry provide all the health facilities with the necessary vaccines so that they are accessible.

He said it is the responsibility of every child not only women to ensure that their children receive.

On his part, Dr Mesfin Zbelo on behalf of the World Health Organisation (WHO) said in 2024 nations will embrace another milestone, the fifth anniversary of the expanded programme of immunisation. 

He said for half a century immunisation has been at the forefront of the Regional Health effects saving millions of lives and transforming the landscape of public health towards safeguarding the future.

“Vaccines are amongst the greatest advances in global health and development and are the safest method to protect children from life-threatening diseases,” he said.

He added that vaccines give every child the opportunity to grow up healthy and reach their full potential.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Health Services Dr ‘Makhooase Ranyali said African Vaccination Week showcases the importance of vaccines.

They protect you and old people against more than 25 vaccine-preventable diseases.

“We are looking to vaccinate children who missed their vaccines and who did not receive all of the vaccines,” she said.

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