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Mosola comedy


Chris Theko

Actor and Executive Producer of Mosola Comedy, Tiisetso David Mosola who hails from Mohale’s Hoek is the brains behind the exciting and versatile production which has been dishing out short comedy videos. 

Mosola Comedy is a platform for short comedy videos whose goal is for entertaining, educating and motivating viewers, a lot like the famous online Nigerian short comedy clips such as Emmanuella and McAngel.

With a Diploma in Management from the Institute of Extra Mural Studies (IEMS), Mosola is a natural comedian and content creator of note with his production gaining positive reviews daily. 

In an exclusive interview with Newsday Arts and Entertainment, Mosola said his inspiration came from his exposure to short comedy productions. 

“I was inspired by international comedy channels so I felt a needed to do the same with my home language,” Mosola said. 

“The goal is to create content that may empower, motivate and transform a viewer’s life in an entertaining manner” he said.

Short comedy videos have been popular in Europe and the United States of America over the past two decades but were only big in Africa in the last decade with Nigerian superstar Emmanuella alongside McAngel being the forerunners.

The production that is mainly online publishing, regularly on Facebook and Twitter, has grown enormously since the first episode was published on February 2, 2018. 

“Our first episode or video was uploaded over three years ago and since then we have grown extremely. So far we have been getting a lot of positive feedback as the channel gets new followers daily,” he said. 

With over 70 episodes under its belt, having secured more than 21 000 fans on Facebook and about 7000 subscribers on YouTube, production gets better with each episode. 

The channel got more popular during the Covid-19 lockdown which had people binging on the content back to back on their phones and their laptops for entertainment that could effortlessly get them forgetting about the pandemic. 

He said they have been financing the work from their own pockets as they have not yet clinched any support deals but remain hopeful that with the positive feedback they have been getting their fortunes will soon change. 

“We are in the midst of closing a deal with a government sector, and so far it will be our first as we had been handling the production costs ourselves” Mosola said.

The production of Mosola Comedy has three main characters with one of the most notable being the face of Sebolelo “Laylo” Rathebe, who is also radio personality working for People’s Choice (PC) FM, as well as seven supporting cast members. 

The production is currently only accessible via both YouTube and Facebook under Mosola Comedy. 

“We recently created a channel & page entitled Mosola Tv, where we upload short stories, talk shows & poetry. Apart from that, we also aim to promote local businesses by advertising their products under all their categories,” said Mosola. 

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