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Review: Nka e koala by Ntate Stunna


Chis Theko

This week we take a listen to Ntate Stunna’s latest single titled ‘Nka e koala’ released on October 8, 2021. 

The song runs for 4 minutes and 25 seconds. Derived from the Sesotho Fashioneng trend, the song has a lot of the artist’s signature sound. 

It was built on 100 beats per minute (BPM) and a 10/10-time signature with a 320-bit rate. Just like the previous single ‘Ntoa’.  

Following the release of his EP titled Sesotho Fashioneng which was released in early 2020 and gained him popularity across the Southern African region, Stunna has consistently kept fans on their toes begging for more.

And this track is exactly what people have been expecting from the man. 

Instrumentally, it has the base as an accordion which is heard throughout the entire song. His sound is heavily influenced by trap and a mid tempo beat.

In the song, he speaks a lot about him being the best, that being evident in how he has been able to shut a lot of critics down. 

In the opening, he simply talks about how he is capable of closing everything off by just singing a Sesotho type of music which is called “makhele”.

He calls out all the rappers who used to say they are the best though he is still around while they have been failing to trap and rap. He says he takes the war to the people because he is a rapper who is not afraid. 

“Khale ke tlamisa tse ngata thoto, your favourite rapper a ka e paka. Khale ba re ba nyoka ha ke hlaha ba nyoka strata. Khale

Ba praiser mechini, now mechini e noka strata joale ha ke fihla ba thola tu tu!

The last verse is still heavy on the word play as he continues to use his words to praise himself as the best in the game with no real competition in the rap game.     

The beat of the song gives it a nice vibe as serious as it is, it’s no harm dancing while listening to the strong message of importance, so big props to the production and mastering of the song.

No doubt the long awaited album is going to be all flames if this single is anything to go by. Stunna continues to prove why he is the current king of punchlines and the Sesotho fashioneng movement. 

Nka ekoala rates at 7.5 out of 10.   

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