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Review: NthoeTjena by The Hub ft BlackDash Ls, Kaofela, L-Tore, The Life of Revelation, Kot Inferno, Msoko Lara, PRIME ZEIK, Kardiac & Tokelo


Chris Theko

This week we are reviewing a song by The Hub featuring a whole lot of talented artists, the name of the song is Nthoe Tjena.

The hip-hop joint built on 80 beats per minute (BPM) and 8/8 time signature has a running time of 8 minutes and 5 seconds.

The beat of the tune is produced by Taks Beats Music, the recording the mixing and mastering was handled by Thulo IsthaMista Monyake.

The song was a product of the Hub in partnership with Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa.

Nthoe Tjena uses activism to raise awareness of Covid-19 and its surrounding issues in Lesotho.

The featured artists talk about the pandemic’s impact on the economy, youth, and education, as well as political inaction, corruption, and misuse of funds.

It is a call on our leaders to do better, and on all Basotho to step up and take care of one another in the face of the pandemic.

As usual, Taks, outdid himself on the beat which is easy on the ear and not too rough on the heart. It is smooth and laid back.

The first and second verses are handled by Black Dash followed by Kaofela respectively. They are mainly focused on how covid-19 has exposed how badly politics can ruin more than unite, unemployment is at its highest now more than ever and will get worse due to education being put on hold.

Poor service delivery is the order of the day, retrenchment takes place every day, depression takes its toll on the youth and the government seems not to be concerned.

L-Tore talks about how we were already going through the most just trying to make a living and now the future looks even more blurry with schools closed and people losing their jobs, life gets harder in the face of the pandemic.

Leaders are still full of words but lacking in action. However, as he wraps it up he encourages that we unite in the fight against the virus because that’s the only way to conquer it.

Revelation continues to talk about poverty, broken democracy and now all those are made worse by the pandemic. A gifted poet in his own right his word play is sick throughout the verse.

Kot Inferno comes through with Sesotho raps emphasizing on the unity to fight the pandemic and encouraging people to adhere to the regulations.

Continuing on with a nice Sesotho flow is Msoko Lara who encourages people to listen to the experts and to think about those in the forefront.

Prime Zeik and Kardiak in their subsequent verses talk about the heightened corruption and nepotism in the government, poor justice system as well as unemployment in the youth.

The track is made up of A-lister artists who clearly are passionate about Lesotho and the youth of the country.  All subjects mentioned in the song are of national importance, still in line with the fight against Covid-19.

But let’s not leave it without mentioning the dynamite of the product, his name is Tokelo and he is only 10. The little voice on the last verse of the track talks emotionally about the importance of education which is now in jeopardy due to the pandemic. He also mentions in his piece how unemployment has badly impacted families.

Educational, emotionally connecting and engaging, this is a song that can open our eyes to many issues in our country that were all along thrown under the carpet.

Nthoe Tjena rates at 8.5 out of 10 d0 List Table

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