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Review: Rolling stone by Kommanda Obbs


Chris Theko

This week we review Kommanda Obbs’ single Rolling Stone which was released on May 4, 2018 as part of the singles from his self-titled album ‘Kommanda Obbs’.

The track runs for 3 minutes and 56 seconds. 

Rolling Stone was arranged on a 4/4-time signature and speed of 124 beats per minute (BPM). 

It is a symbol of the Maputsoe native’s expanded musical diversity but still keeping close to his origins of Sotho Hop or Tšepe as it is famously known, it is all that forms the tune in style and composition.

The track talks about a man who is always changing his habitation, business or his pursuits with great frequency; one who leads a wandering or unsettled life.

It kicks off with a lead guitar line in the background followed closely by piano chords which are the basis of the instrumentals, which adds a surprising element that also comes with an amusing rhythm to the listener’s ear and gives the song structure. 

He starts his verse immediately talking about how much he has been running away from his life and from his business trying to avoid handling his affairs. 

The hook goes something like “I do believe in love I do believe in the heart-belly of atlas but I’m a rolling stone, God damn I’m a rolling stone, monna mosephili lekaka lenyatheli, monna mosephili, I’m a rolling stone God knows I’m a rolling stone…

He jumps on to the second verse still talking about the way he keeps running away and persistently ever on the run. Wherever he finds himself he is always on the low to feed his appetite.

Here he is simply saying even though he is a player who is always looking for new challenges he still believes in love “This is the life I’m not settling for because I am a sucker of love”

As he concludes in the last verse he confesses to being scared of love but hiding it with trying to be a player. 

A second voice appears in the pipeline that sings along with Obbs in the hook. The voice is corresponding with the lead and the general composition is on par. 

This is a romantic song with a vibe of a club banger that can also be enjoyed on chilled sessions and can be dedicated to a lover. It gives a perspective of a man who is a hopeless romantic but keeps trying to run away from the truth. 

The song rates at 8 out of 10

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