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Review: Sebetsa Mshana music video by Origin Musiq


Chris Theko

A new music video was dropped on Tuesday this week by Origin Musiq the track behind it is titled Sebetsa Mshana which was released a few months ago. 

Sebetsa Mshana music video is our gauged project this week.  It runs for 5 minutes and was shot by Blue Dot, a fairly new production company in the industry. 

Although the group has been around for over three years, the track and subsequently the video are their first production on the mainstream. 

The song’s message is centered on encouraging and inspiring the youth to begin investing more in the arts as a whole and in creating businesses that will help improve themselves and also the economy. 

Due to the band’s roots with live music, one can feel the production of the song clearly backed by drums, lead guitar, piano percussions and an acoustic guitar.    

The video was shot on different locations starting first with a scene with Teboho Lemeke appearing in a dark room alone while handling his verse.  Briefly, the opening verse into the song Lemeke is talking about the struggle of a young graduate whose parents are expecting him to go and work while he is chasing a dream of being a musician.   

In a follow up scene with Samkelo Zwane on hook, just like the title says, “o phothile matsoho o shebile banna ha basetsa” which is synonymous to Sankomota’s Now or Never chorus line. 

Clearly inspired by the 1976 band that comprised of Ts’epo Ts’ola, Frank Leepa, Moss Nkofo and Black Jesus amongst others, the message and hook of Sebetsa mshana give that picture. 

There’s also a scene of students in a classroom listening to Liphapang Lebata acting as a music teacher.  In the same manner, Zwane then appears at Rasetimela High school with the students in the grounds singing along to the hook.   

The vocally gifted Zwane’s verse follows soon after the hook.  An insert of various youths trying to make a living keeps appearing in and out. 

Another location is the famous Broiler Bros restaurant, formerly known as Beseng which is situated at Hafoso, this is where the part of the hook comes in. 

Karabo Phama and Molise Maleu make an appearance together on a location that easily looks like Mohokare River banks.  While, Maleu is playing his acoustic guitar, Phama singing praises on how education is no logger the key to success but just a qualification yet that won’t stop him from going after his dreams. 

A number of well-known personalities make a guest appearance on the video with the songstress Maya on a scene singing along to the hook of the song.  Pitso Ramakhula also appears on a location in a bar sipping on some wine while chilling with the band members. The multitalented Muhjestik Thamae as well as Lenyolo Faki who is a fashion designer also had an appearance in the video. 

For the quality, the production capabilities and the sync that the video has in line with the message of the song, sebetsa mshana is a beautiful piece of art that deserves to be seen not only by Basotho in Lesotho but the rest of the African continent and beyond. 

This was project led by Phil Vigilante alongside Tlali Jaase and Rankoenyane Ts’oeunyane who outdid themselves here. 

Sebetsa Mshana deserves a 9 out of 10     0000000

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