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TRC boss decries financial distress


…says donors are waiting for TRC to clear its mess

Nthatuoa Koeshe

Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) boss Tsikoane Peshoane says donors are reluctant to release funds and are waiting for the centre to clear their mess following a labour disgruntlement incident between himself and the staffers.

This, TRC’s Executive Director Peshoane, revealed in a recent interview with this paper after it had emerged to this publication that he sent staff members home saying the organisation was in a financial crisis and there needs to be consultations made with each member of the staff to discuss options for navigating the financial fix.

In an email sent to the TRC staffers seen by this publication, Peshoane had written that over the past couple of months, not all has been well about state of funds confronting the organisation particularly on the issues of staff costs.

“While I am still re-evaluating these financial challenges we have experienced due to the ongoing internal matters ranging from poor financial reports to issues of noncompliance to organizational policies.

He said he will schedule meetings to discuss with the staff in details some of issues staff members needed clarity on further instructing them to stay at home while the consultations take place.

“I must also indicate colleagues that the office of Director has also observed with great dismay incidences which seemingly are bordering very close to misconduct among some staff members. Additionally, there are observations complaints lodged and counter complaints of some employees against their supervisors and the latter against their supervisees. These types of issues have compromised a healthy work environment that is required in the organisation.

“I have taken a decision to instruct you to remain at home until a new announcement is made on the dates for consultations. As we are still in the reporting period, some of staff members will be allowed to continue with the reporting process on the part – time basis and or will be called as and when the need arises,” [sic.]read the email.

Peshoane said he had mentioned the issue of funds for a long time adding that some issues came because of the issues the stuffers had with him.

“I have decried the issue of money for a while now and this is not even the first time we communicate with them about lack of funds in the organization which was reason for some of their grievances which the board cleared,” he said adding that donors are reluctant to release funds saying they should resolve the pending issue before they could be given money.

Meanwhile, TRC’s Information Officer, Hlathe Moteane reiterated Peshoane’s sentiments saying that donors also seem to have issues of delivery from the finance departments hence the staffers could not get their thirteenth cheque last year.

She further added that the financial distress was long communicated after the investigations were done and the executive director came back to office.

Earlier in February TRC’s employees petitioned the TRC Board to remove Peshoane from the helm of the rights group organization with immediate effect.

The employees’ petition to the board laid a nuanced account of how Peshoane as the Executive Director went against the ideals and principles of accountability, transparency and human rights protection that the organization espoused.

Meanwhile, asked if the employees will get their April salaries as they are being ordered to stay at home, Peshoane said a salary is a wage earned for a service rendered and if there was no service rendered, then there will not be a salary.

“Salaries mean a wage one gets for a service rendered so in this sense there is no service rendered and if there was no service rendered then what is the salary for?” he quipped.

Peshoane further told this publication that there are three staff members who are facing disciplinary action for going out and laying claims against the TRC policy and going against the contracts they signed.

He said the recent spate of events put the organization into disrepute which led to bruised relations with donors.

Be that as it may, last week March 31, 2022, TRC launched two projects viz: Seea le Methati: Community sub-grants supporting service delivery and accountability demands supported by Bread for the World, as well as the Election for COVID 19 Accountability supported by OSISA.

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