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TRC boss slams staffers for fraud, incompetence


Nthatuoa Koeshe

Transformation Resource Centre (TRC)’s Executive Director Tsikoane Peshoane has labelled his staff as fraudulent and incompetent following failure to account for funds and provision of doctored medical certificates.

This has led to two of the employees being issued with letters to show cause why disciplinary action cannot be taken against them following reports of discrepancies in the petty cash monies amounting to M21 770 from last year which could not be accounted for.    

This publication was also shown a medical certificate and a letter claiming that the medical certificate submitted by another employer to management was doctored.

Peshoane made a number of claims that his staffers fail to follow simple instructions of returning the organisation’s property after being told to.

“I have taken a decision to instruct to [sic] remain at home until new announcement is made on the dates for consultations. As we are still in the reporting period some of staff members will be allowed to continue with the reporting process on the part – time basis and or will be called as and when the need arises. 

“Please complete all remaining assignments before you handover all organisational equipment…,” read the email he sent to staffers.

He said although some of the staff members obliged and returned the organisation’s property, some did not.

“I understand that my staffers may be angry but their anger is not justified because it lacks facts. They don’t play by the rules. They refused to return the company’s property when instructed to, they fail to do a simple thing of replying to my email but instead they write to the board.

“It feels like we are preschool children. I did not think TRC staff members would stoop this low. I thought we were working with rational people,” he charged.

“I reminded them as the director but they responded that email by writing to the board of TRC and copying the email to me,” he vented.

In an email seen by this publication, the employees wrote to the board about a leave they were forced on and forced handover of the organisational property.

 â€œThe English man was right when he said everything rise and fall on leadership because it means when TRC was seen doing things rights I was apparently doing things right and once I lose sight they (TRC Staff) bestow their nature,” he said.

He said some of the receipts to a report meant to account for the petty cash in question were found on the table unfiled and signed for not by the Director of Finance but another official in the Finance Department.

“These are the type of receipts we were given,” he said pointing at the receipts, some with faded stamps casting doubt about the legitimacy.

“Should I not say nothing with everything going on so that I am not seen victimising the staff? the TRC policy states that the financial year begins in January and ends in December 31. I was supposed to according to the policy have submitted the report to the board for the Annual General Meeting that we must stage this month on the April 30.

“Should I fail to deliver a report to my bosses who also clear our own constitution because I will be termed as victimising the stuff, should I just let all these things be and ignore them?” he asked.

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