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Afriski owners turn over a new page


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The Board of Directors of Afriski Mountain Resort has announced the resolution of a year-long police investigation and court case at the Magistrate Court of Butha-Buthe.

The complainant, after careful consideration, according to the board, has voluntarily withdrawn the case, signifying a positive shift in the resort’s fortunes.

In an official statement this week, the board confirmed: “After amicable discussions, Afriski and the complainant have reached a mutual agreement, paving the way for the reinstatement of all business functions at Afriski.”

This resolution comes as a breath of fresh air for the popular mountain resort, allowing it to resume its operations without the looming legal challenges.

Expressing enthusiasm about the turn of events, the board stated: “We are thrilled to share that preparations for the winter 2024 season are already underway, marking a promising comeback after challenges faced during the 2023 season.”

The resort, facing disputes exacerbated by load shedding from South Africa, had to close its doors during the peak winter season in 2023, resulting in limited operations.

However, with the legal matters now resolved, the board said Afriski was gearing up for a vibrant and fully operational winter season in 2024.

Anticipating an exciting experience for visitors, the Board assured, “All restaurant facilities will be functioning at their best.”

Crucially, the statement clarified that no staff or management of Afriski implicated in the legal proceedings were ever found guilty of theft.

The board expressed unwavering support for its loyal and dedicated team.

“They are loyal and dedicated individuals, many of whom have been with Afriski since its inception. Afriski values its staff and looks forward to a future of unity and prosperity,” the statement read.

In October last year, this publication reported that The fight for the ownership of Afriski Resort took a nasty turn as director and legal representative of the resort, Advocate Thabo Lerotholi and 14 resort employees appeared before the Butha-Buthe Magistrate Court charged with property theft.

The 15 were arrested by the Butha Buthe police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in connection with an alleged theft of property belonging to the founding shareholder of the resort, Wessel Bosman.

Lerotholi was issued with a warrant of arrest upon his arrival at the court premises where he was to represent the 14 employees who were charged with property theft.

He told Newsday that his arrest as an officer of the court was tantamount to an attack on the judiciary, and also an attempt to destabilising the resort.

Lerotholi, who had in Septembert penned an explosive letter to the registrar of the High Court whistleblowing on possible corruption involving the Butha Buthe police CID, has also accused the police of unduly interfering in a civil claim they have no business in.

“I believe they are abusing their powers by being involved in what is supposed to be a civil matter between Afriski and Mr Bosman.”

Dragging the name of the resort into more legal issues will negatively affect the country’s economy, Lerotholi warned.

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