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DJ Kidoski Ls advocates for greater recognition of DJing in Lesotho


… Urges government support for local talent

Pheello Mosesi

Disk Jockey (DJ) Kidoski Ls believes that the art of DJing is underappreciated in Lesotho, especially by the government, which he feels should play a role in nurturing talents.

Born Mokete Lekhari in Mafeteng, Kidoski Ls has over two decades of experience in the music scene with his professional journey starting in 2012.

“I started my DJ career back in 2003. At the time I used to play with cassettes. I would have to recognize 2012 as the marking of my professional career,” said Kidoski Ls.

Reflecting on his beginnings, he shared that he grew up loving music and playing instruments in church.

“We had a youth impact program back in Mafeteng whereby youth were given a platform to showcase their talents every Sunday at Golden Hotel in Mafeteng.”

Kidoski Ls’s passion for music was further fueled by influential figures in his life, including a friend and a brother who inspired him to pursue a music career.

As a versatile DJ, Kidoski Ls caters to various musical tastes, seamlessly blending genres like commercial dance music, deep house, afro tech, amapiano, and classic house music. Currently, he holds the title of a full-time resident DJ at Jalopy Pub in Mafeteng.

His talent has not gone unnoticed, with nominations for prestigious events such as the ‘Maletsunyane Braai Festival, Vodacom All White, and the Galxboy House Party in South Africa.

He has also shared stages with renowned artists like Murumba Pitch, Makhadzi, Teboho Moloi, and Ntate Stunna, among others.

Kidoski Ls is a versatile DJ as soon as he steps behind the decks. He is known to have the audience grooving to various genres. He plays commercial dance music, deep house, afro tech 3 steps, amapiano as well as classic house music.

Being in the music industry for the time that he has been in the industry he was sure to be recognised, currently he is a full-time resident DJ at Jalopy Pub in Mafeteng.

Beyond that position he holds the name Kidoski Ls has been nominated for ‘Maletsunyane braai festival, Vodacom All White, and Galxboy house party which is held in South Africa.

After hosting his first annual birthday party, featuring prominent local DJs such as DJ Warrys, AfroDeejay, and Goldhearted, Kidoski Ls began to garner attention from promoters who recognised his talent.

Additionally, Kidoski Ls is the founder of the Q’Nek Hustle Crew clothing brand, established in 2011, and he secured the number one spot in the Southern Region Vodacom All-White talent search in 2023.

Despite these achievements, Kidoski Ls shed light on the challenges DJs face in Lesotho.

“The toughest part of being a DJ in Lesotho is working all year long only to not get enough bookings. Secondly, our government does not recognize us enough to invest in local talent. Artists often need to gain recognition in South Africa and other countries before being acknowledged,” he lamented.

He pointed out that being a DJ is often taken for granted in Lesotho, to the extent that it’s sometimes the subject of mockery, but he attributes this perception to artists who don’t take their craft seriously. Kidoski Ls hinted that misconceptions about his career persist in the country.

“Some people think being a DJ means one is not a believer, but rather an alcoholic who is involved in adultery and other vices. Another misconception is that it’s believed this cannot be a well-paying job or a full-time career,” he said.

He emphasised the importance of setting the record straight by fostering networking and support among DJs and artists.

Kidoski Ls, known for his resilience and persistence, outlined his ambitious plans for the future of his career.

“I am aiming to establish something like a theater where I can provide a platform for others to fulfill their dreams. This would be a starting point for the youth of this country, akin to having a catalogue of opportunities,” he explained.

His dream is to play a pivotal role in nurturing local talents and grooming artists to a level where their skills can sustain them financially.

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