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DJ Lym: A groovy nomination and the beat of resilience


Kananelo Boloetse

The spotlight was shining bright on the sensational DJ Lym, a musical force to be reckoned with, as she snagged a nomination in the Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Category of the prestigious annual Finite Women Appreciation Awards.

The star-studded awards ceremony, which rocked the town last Saturday, celebrated women trailblazers across various fields.

While DJ Lym, real name, Limpho Mochone, landed herself amongst the top three nominees, the ultimate victory went to another phenomenal woman, ‘Matiisetso Tsikinyane.

With beats that can get even the most reluctant feet tapping, DJ Lym did not hold back her excitement about the nomination.

“I am sending my heartfelt thanks to everyone who showed me love – from my fam jam to my loyal fans. Your votes, they just made my groove go up a few notches!” exclaimed DJ Lym, riding high on the rhythm of gratitude.

After the confetti of accolades rained down, DJ Lym could not help but give a shout-out to the game-changer of an event, Finite Magazine.

She said yesterday: “Can we just vibe for a moment about the sheer awesomeness of Finite Magazine for creating this space? When that notification pinged my phone, telling me I was in the run for the award, let’s just say, the roof might have been raised a little.”

She also dropped some pearls of wisdom for her fellow fierce femmes in the male-dominated playgrounds.

“Ladies, let’s crank up the volume on our work and shut down the noise from the sideline critics. Groove to your own tunes, trust the mix you’re creating, and just rock on!”

Born in 1996, DJ Lym is no stranger to acing the melody of life. With a degree in sociology and development studies from the prestigious National University of Lesotho (NUL), she knows that life’s mixtape comes with twists and turns.

Her DJ journey kicked off in 2014, and she’s been spinning ever since.

Known for her Amapiano magic, DJ Lym pumps up the jams like nobody’s business. Amapiano, a musical concoction of deep house, jazz, and lounge vibes, turned into her ultimate groove.

“You know that feeling when you’ve got the right beat and the crowd’s in sync? That’s my Amapiano zone!” DJ Lym revealed with a grin as infectious as her tracks.

DJ Lym does not just spin, she orchestrates a musical frenzy. Her name shines bright on marquees alongside bigwig artists, and her beats are the heartbeats of the nightlife.

But DJ Lym’s party does not stop at the turntable.

This year, she launched lessons to let future lady spinners hop aboard the groove train. “I had folks – especially the ladies – reaching out, wanting to learn the DJ ropes. So, I thought, why not? Let’s turn this into a DJ school of beats and dreams!”

As DJ Lym spins records and life lessons, she is a true embodiment of the groove that resilience creates.

Her nomination at the Finite Women Appreciation Awards is just another track in her playlist of achievements. With every tune she drops and every hurdle she overcomes, DJ Lym keeps us grooving to the beat of her remarkable journey.

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