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Entrepreneurs’ Day showcases ingenuity and innovation


Lineo Mahlomola

Limkokwing University of Creative and Technology (LUCT) recently marked Entrepreneurs’ Day with a vibrant display of student achievements through spirited exhibitions held at the LUCT Campus.

The event was graced by LUCT’s Vice Chancellor, Tefo Macheli, who reiterated the university’s commitment to fostering a generation of job creators rather than job seekers.

Macheli expressed pride in the growing cohort of LUCT alumni making significant strides in the entrepreneurship arena, contributing new skills and carving their paths in Lesotho’s business landscape.

“We take pride in our graduates who have not only ventured into entrepreneurship but have excelled, creating a wave of entrepreneurs and injecting fresh skills into Lesotho,” Macheli stated.

He urged both current and past entrepreneurship students to actively employ the acquired skills in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Highlighting the essence of entrepreneurship, Macheli stressed the need for love, passion, and resilience in facing the challenges of this journey.

“Entrepreneurship demands dedication, passion, and patience. It’s about pouring your heart and soul into your venture,” he emphasised.

“Success in entrepreneurship often follows a path littered with failures, but perseverance is key. Psychological and mental strength are critical for entrepreneurial success,” Macheli added.

‘Masakoane Hanyane, Head of Marketing and Communications at First National Bank of Lesotho (FNB), commended LUCT for instilling an entrepreneurial mindset among students, urging them to transition from seeking employment to becoming job creators.

“Our country grapples with high unemployment rates among graduates. Entrepreneurship presents a solution to this challenge,” Hanyane asserted.

Addressing the ambitious youth, she emphasised their opportunity to shape the economy by becoming future employers.

Entrepreneur and founder of Noma Pads Foundation, Nthabiseng Mohanela, shared her inspiring journey, urging fellow entrepreneurs to cultivate passion in their pursuits.

“Find your passion and make it your mission. Educate yourself, seek mentors, and demonstrate a hunger for growth,” Mohanela encouraged, emphasising the transformational power of embracing one’s passion.

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