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Goldhearted wins Cuban Linx DJ competition


Poloko Mokhele

A female disc jockey (DJ), Goldhearted, on Saturday walked away with a whooping M10 000 from Cuban Linx after winning the club’s inaugural DJ talent search competition.

The Cuban Linx DJ Talent Search was launched in May 2022 for upcoming DJs under the age of 25 years, with 30 spots availed for both male and female deejays then.

According to the club, the aim was to provide a platform to the next great male or female deejay. It was sponsored by Maluti Mountain Brewery, Uforia Tattoos, and Shipa clothing store.

Goldhearted whose real names are Moroesi Malebo told Newsday that she plans to use the prize money to start a small-scale business and buy new equipment which will boost her career more.

She highlighted that the competition was not a walk in the park because she was battling for the number one spot with some of the most talented DJs in the country, but she was proud that in the end, she won.

“The Cuban Linx DJ Talent Search win is a great victory for me because I learned so many things during the entire phase of the competition. I competed against so many talented DJs and it really helped me grow in so many ways,” she said.

Questioned on how her journey began, the talented DJ whose major focus is on Afro beats with a little touch of other genres stated that she began being a DJ in 2021, but it had always been something she aspired to do.

“I became a deejay in April 2021, however, I had always liked DJing before then, though I did not take it that seriously.

“In 2021, that is when I seriously ventured into it and knew that this is where my passion lies and I do not see myself trading it for anything,” Goldhearted said.

However, she pointed out that despite loving what she does, she has also faced several challenges in the industry such as promoters not fulfilling their promises to pay her for the work she had done.

Nonetheless, she said, she continues to work harder.

“I have had a good share of this industry, it has been very good and like any other DJ I have also encountered challenges, sometimes you find promoters not fulfilling their promises of payments at events. In some instances, you may feel like you are not being valued at all.

“However, on the brighter side, I have grown so much and played at some of the big venues in the country, sharing stages with international acts,” she added.

Asked to share her views on Lesotho’s entertainment industry, the Lerotholi Polytechnic (LP) office administration and management graduate said:

“Lesotho’s entertainment industry is stressful hey. There is just too much fake love and exploitation. It is just by God’s grace and working with the right people that Goldhearted’s name is growing.”

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