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‘I am a quality brand’, Skebz D


Pheello Mosesi

Sotho-Hop rapper Skebz D says he dreams of seeing the music industry of Lesotho taking a different opportune turn for local artists.

Just a few weeks after he was honoured at Everything Live event, the rapper took Newsday down his musical journey.

Born Mokebe Mohasoa, Skebz D has managed to stay relevant over the years while many artists stood and fell in the musical journey.

The Sotho-Hop rapper gave his take on why he believes he got hand-picked to headline the last Everything Live event.

“I think I got the chance to be the first artist to headline the Everything Live because I have been working hard on building my name and Sotho-Hop brand regardless of the challenges of the local music and entertainment industry,” the muso said.

He added, “I was also the team’s first choice more so because I am never afraid of a challenge, and I think this was transparent to the Everything Live team.

Skebz D spoke on how his life as an artist has been affected by Everything Live.

“I am forever grateful for the platform I was afforded, on a silver platter even. The show was exceptionally organised. Subsequent to the event, more doors have opened up for me as a performing artist,” he revealed.

He mentioned that he hopes and prays that other artists could also get a chance to get on the Everything Live stage.

“I hope other artists get a chance to get the thrill of being honoured and celebrated while they are still alive as many only get credited for their efforts after they have passed on.”

Some of the doors that opened wider for Skebz D include the re-ignition of his fan base.

“My social media following and Instavoice following have increased since the event’s coverage and I am very grateful.”

“The fact that I have managed to pull off a successful and polished performance from the event alongside a live band means that I can secure better bookings,” said Skebz D adding that there is more appreciation shown.

“I am observing a better appreciation for my live sets than my regular backtracks performances and this is changing my thoughts to approach the Skebz D brand,” mentioned Skebz D.

Filled with excitement he also noted that there are a lot of artists and organisers from South African who have shown interest.

“I am receiving offers to get airplay and collaborations from South Africa following my feature on the event,” said Skebz D adding that the exposure was opened up by the streaming live on the Everything Live Facebook page.

“Getting views from across the globe I believe that helped me get more fans. I find this a remarkable opportunity for me as an artist to market myself as an artist more and build and improve. This has surely proven that I am a quality brand,” said Skebz D.

He stressed that artists have to stay real to themselves and their cultural background.

“Artists have to take note of the importance of investing in their crafts due to the nature of the industry being unpredictable and cutthroat,” advised Skebz D.

Skebz D also mentioned that artists should stay focused and relevant.

“As artists we have to strive to be relevant in all different spheres to gain recognition and more over ensure that we are disciplined to the craft,” he said.

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