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Nde Seleke makes a comeback with new single ‘I Do’


Pheello Mosesi

Maseru-based house music vocalist Rethabile Seleke, also known as, Nde Seleke has made a triumphant return to the music scene with his latest single, “I Do,” released on May 3.

This marks his first release in four years.

Nde Seleke, a seasoned artist with over a decade of experience, began his musical journey in 2008, collaborating with rappers such as Drigger, L Tore, and Skebz D.

In 2013, he caught the attention of South African-based Struggle Entertainment, a record label owned by rapper Papa Zee. That same year, Nde released his debut album, “Love on the Dance Floor,” featuring artists like Tipsy and his younger brother Katz.

His last release was a 2021 collaboration with 6ickture on the song “Khale ke matha.” Since then, Nde Seleke has kept his passion for music alive by performing at various events, particularly weddings, where he finds the most receptive audiences.

“I Do,” a love-themed amapiano song, represents a significant milestone for Nde Seleke. He handled the vocals while Jerry Madubela managed the technical production.

“There are a lot of elements and emotions that could inspire an artist to make a song, be it love, hope, unity, and harmony between two people. In the making of this song, all of the above became a huge influence and I can simply say life is much tolerable when there is love,” Nde Seleke explained, sharing the inspiration behind “I Do.”

Regarding his return, Nde Seleke clarified, “Nothing really inspired my comeback per se. I mean, I’ve been making songs ever since I started; I never stopped. This song is just one of those songs that I have made and have been working on. Music is something that is always with me as it is a talent. This one song is just the one that I felt befitting to put out as a public release mainly due to its quality and how relevant it is currently, regardless of it being written and recorded back in 2022.”

While he has no immediate plans to release an album, Nde Seleke assured fans that more singles and a follow-up EP are in the works. “I don’t plan on releasing an album anytime soon, but more singles are sure to come and a follow-up EP is also to be expected,” he said.

He mentioned that he already has several singles ready for release, including “Tumelo,” “Moya,” “Tsiki-Tsiki,” and “Lesedi,” with the EP titled “Thoomo.”

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