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Revamped and reenergised Torey Tana


Pheello Mosesi

Rapper L-Tore says he has learned even more about what it means to be a musician, after being celebrated at Everything Live this past month.

L-tore comes as the second rapper to be headlining the Everything Live sessions, after Sotho-hop king Skebz D, who had all the attention possessed back in May. The Royalty Music Group artist has mentioned that has had a very busy few weeks leading to and after the Everything Live performance.

Regardless of being in the game for this extensive duration, he mentioned that he continues to grow, as he learns new tricks, specifically from the session. “The experience was adrenaline-charged. This was my first time performing with a live band strictly playing my music. I also took this as an opportunity to be a student to the game, because performing live with the band is something else that opens you up as an artist, to new dimensions of how to make music.” He said.

“The experience taught me that music is much more fun when you share it with other people. Each and every member of the band with whom I was working, was gifted in their share of work, and it made us sound very solidified as a unit while performing.” He noted.

The rapper mentioned that the sessions have opened new doors for him, hence he appreciates the fact that it added value to his brand. “I have had a couple of requests already, to do performances at various places after the session, as people have seen the new side in me, that of creating the art piece on stage. The session has contributed positively to who I am as an artist,” he highlighted.

The rapper was involved in a beef between him and rapper Nirex at the end of last year, as well as early this year. He mentioned that they have ironed things out, further  revealing to Newsday that he has been in the studio with him a few times.

“We have called it quits on the beef with him (Nirex), we are cool now. We have been in the studio, working side by side on a few projects. We have collaborated on four singles already, one of which is to be released in a few weeks to come.” He added.

L-tore is currently working on his debut studio album following his EP ‘Royalty State of Mind’ that came out back in 2018. The publication will be managed by a United States of America US based publishing company, Rehegoo, also operating in some parts of Europe. He looks forward to working with either a Lesotho or South Africa based publishing company for the Southern African region, YME tunes being the favourite.  

The album being a piece of work in progress is likely to have between 17 to 21 songs as he mentioned. It features the head-honchos of the L, the likes of Jiji F, Skebz D and Nirex. With the production handled personally by him, there is also Shawn Clarks, Taks, and Sir Eddie.

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