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Lefate back like it’s a lie!


Chris Theko

Top musical group Lefate has bounced back after over a decade its much-publicized break-up which was instigated by fights between the duo. 

The combination of Lethapa ‘Damario’ Tikiso and Molibeli ‘Stlofa’ Mokake split after releasing two albums in a space of three years.

Their award-winning debut album tiled ‘Love is Like a Lie’ was released in 2007 with their second studio album ‘Ha le Lapa’ released three years later.

This week Stlofa confirmed to Newsday Arts that the group is officially back together with an album on the cards. 

“Lefate is definitely back full force,” Stlofa said. 

He revealed that they have officially announced their come-back with the release of a single titled ‘Ntoa ke ea Malula-Mmoho’ (loosely translated to mean that fighting or differences are not eternal but that eventually the warring sides sit to reconcile). 

“We have already released a single to mark our return which we decided to release for radio first before making it available in digital stores,” he said.

The title of the track can simply mean people who stay together always fight but fix things at a later stage. Asked about the title and message behind the song, Stlofa indicated that the title is about their experience as Lefate.

“The title is all about our journey as (it’s public knowledge) we had a fall-out caused by our differences in the past but we have come to sort them out.

“But it is not just about Lefate, because people do fight and still find a way to sort things out while continuing to stay together,” he said. 

Stlofa mentioned that he is the one who reached out to Damario having realized that their feud had taken a long time.

“That’s my boy and I realized we were both suffering because the feud had taken a long time and I decided to actually reach out. 

“All this happened earlier last year around January but we were constantly disturbed by Covid-19 and the lockdowns which hindered free movement,” Stlofa said.

For his part, Damario said the feud was nothing but a difference in music business and not on a personal level adding that the two were still brothers and even neighbours.

“We were having a difference in the logistics of the music production not a personal one but since we have sorted out that issue, we are back and working towards a full project,” said Damario.

He said the group will deliver a similar taste of music to what the loyal Lefate fans are used to but still keeping in mind that music has evolved since the last time they released music under their group banner. Following the split, the two had continued their musical journey doing solo projects. 

“Our fans should expect an uplifting sound that will be a bit different but we will still be delivering strong and motivating messages through song.

“There is only one element that we will not change which is our delivery in Sesotho and love for culture. In terms of the feel of the sound and instruments, we will be changing small bits of it to adjust to the current wave,” said Damario reiterating the fact that an album is on the cards.           

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