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The Review – Likeleli by Wave Rhyder


Chris Theko

This week on The Review, we take a listen to the latest offering by Wave Rhyder titled ‘Likeleli’ which was released last Friday April 8, 2022. 

The number is Wave Rhyder’s second single since signing with South African powerhouse record label Ambitious Entertainment, following his debut there titled ’Pula’ which dropped in November 2021. 

The song has a time elapse of 3 minutes 46 seconds, built on 128 beats per minute (BPM) and a bit rate of 320 with a sampling of rate 44100 Hz and laid on a 101 time-signature with top class production.

It is instrumentally arranged with the sound of authentic Afropop. The keyboard along with the synthesizer and the kick of a drum carry much of the rhythm of the track before the singer comes in with the hook. 

The origin of the song is a familiar rendition of a classic we used to sing back in the days as kids but it would seem like this is a trend now with most artists bringing those into modernized studio songs. 

Majority of it is sang in Sesotho with a little of Zulu added at some point as the song continues. 

On the song he talks about his love for a lady he calls Likeleli whom he says has managed to win his heart but he has also won a jackpot with her. 

He praises her beauty, her physique and expresses how much he would love to get married to her and make her his life partner. 

“Ausi ke ea u rata u se bapale ka ‘na, ha ke u sheba u ea bonya… Likeleli, Likeleli ×2,” as the hook carries out.

From big songs such as ‘Mosali oa Lekhooa’ alongside Juvy and ‘Pula’ with Malome Vector, the track Likeleli is below par of what Wave Rhyder is capable of in terms of creativity. Taking a song that already exists and sampling it is okay but where does an artist draw the line?

Could Wave Rhyder have done much better than the track, of course yes because he is capable of such and is way too early for such songs in his career unless that’s the direction he is taking. But like is said, this is Wave Rhyder and we expect some level of creativity. 

Nonetheless, the lyrical delivery of the track is on point and so is the production. It being a sample should not overshadow the fact that it is a great tune which deserves our attention and support. 

Likeleli rates at 5 out of 10.    

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