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Club 266 brings class to night life


Chris Theko

There is a new club in town that set to bring the World to Lesotho with a taste of the real night club life. 

Club 266 is set to change the night life scene which has over the years stayed the same. 

Speaking to this publication on behalf of Club 266 management, Kristal Mopt said this will be the first real night club in the country. 

“According to the club culture standards, Club 266 will be the first ever real night club in the country and that is the vibe that we are bringing.

“We are basically different from what is known to most people, from our interior you can tell that we are different from what people may know and used to here at home. You can tell with our set up, our services will be different and the kind of alcoholic beverages will be different,” Kristal Mopt said.

According to the Liquor Licencing Act of 1998 Section 18 (1) C which talks about the minimum requirements for a night club, the building shall be safe and attractive. 

“The building shall be structurally safe and in a good state of physical and decorative repair both internally and externally and shall have a kitchenette, dancing hall, storage room, seating accommodation, dancing floor, separate toilets facilities for both males and females, disc jockey’s operating platform, parking place adequate, natural and mechanical ventilation discotheque lighting, exits and security,” part of the section reads. 

If the section is anything to go by then including some of the standards mentioned by Kristal Mopt, Club 266 is indeed a night club.

“When you go to most of the clubs in the country you will be told you can’t smoke your cigar… in the club, only females 21 years and above will be allowed with males only permissible after attaining 25 years, operating from Thursday to Sunday between 9pm to 4am,” she said, adding that the club will at a later stage introduce a day vibe.

The Club 266 dress code is nothing apart from clean, smart classy and elegant.     

“We aim to keep a certain standard, the thing with business is that at some point when desperation comes in you find standards being dropped but we want to keep our standards as they are.

“If people are going to come here, they will have to respect our standards, you are going to respect the theme, the age restriction if not the place is just not for you,” Kristal said.    

The club is located at the Victoria Hotel premises in the heart of the Capital city Maseru, where there once was the Meloding bar and Night club.    

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