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Lesotho’s got talent: A platform for aspiring artists


Pheello Mosesi

Excitement is brewing as Lesotho prepares to showcase its diverse talent pool through the upcoming talent search competition, “Lesotho’s Got Talent.”

Organised by Teboho Nolutshungu, the competition aims to provide a platform for individuals aged between 6 and 40 to showcase their unique skills and talents to the world. With registration already underway and a grand prize of M30 000 awaiting the winner, anticipation is running high among aspiring artists across the country.

In an exclusive interview with Newsday, Nolutshungu shared his vision for Lesotho’s Got Talent as a platform dedicated to discovering and nurturing the next generation of performers and artists. With a team of experienced industry professionals, the competition aims to support aspiring talents on their journey to success.

“We cater to a diverse creative arts spectrum, offering support and resources to help artists achieve their goals and stand out in the competitive entertainment landscape,” explained Nolutshungu.

From singers and dancers to magicians and comedians, Lesotho’s Got Talent welcomes individuals from all artistic backgrounds to participate.

The competition will unfold over several stages, starting with registrations, followed by six months of practice for registered participants. Auditions will then take place, leading to a series of live performances and ultimately culminating in the grand finale. A panel of judges and the audience will determine the winner, who will walk away with the coveted M30,000 prize, while the runners-up will receive M25,000 and M20,000 respectively.

Nolutshungu emphasised that Lesotho’s Got Talent is inclusive and open to all Basotho individuals aged between 6 and 40, regardless of disabilities. The goal is to provide a platform for talent to shine and inspire others, fostering a sense of unity and celebration of creativity.

With plans to broadcast the show live on television, Nolutshungu expressed his intention to collaborate with Lesotho National Broadcasting Services’ Lesotho TV. Additionally, he aims to enlist popular personalities such as Bofihla Neko and Motsamai Moloko to attract a wider audience and generate excitement for the event.

Explaining the rationale behind the age range selection, Nolutshungu highlighted that individuals aged 6 possess a clear understanding of their talents, while those aged 40 still have the potential to make significant contributions to the arts. As the pilot season unfolds, feedback and performance will inform future iterations of the competition, potentially opening up opportunities for participants of all ages in subsequent seasons.

As Lesotho’s Got Talent prepares to captivate audiences and celebrate the nation’s rich artistic heritage, participants and spectators alike eagerly await the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the country’s next generation of stars.

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