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Liteboho Letlala: Pioneering archery in Lesotho and beyond


Thabo Rakhomo

The newly formed Lesotho Archery Federation will have its first participant compete internationally in the Johannesburg District Event at Marks Park on April 20, this year.

“I have been practicing, and I am in good shape for this competition, but it is indeed very hard for me because there are no local competitions for regular participation. However, now I have to go and battle it out in South Africa against regular players,” said Liteboho Letlala.

This pioneering archer, also an Archery Level 2 coach, last played in December last year during a coaching training course in Switzerland.

Letlala mentioned they have recently received archery equipment, thus she has also recently started practicing.

She trained 25 archery coaches in March this year, including women and men from schools and security agencies such as the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF), Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LPMS), teachers, and Olympafrica athletes.

Following the training, participants are expected to start opening archery clubs to introduce and popularise the sport in the country.

Taking part in this competition is crucial for Letlala to test everything she learned in Switzerland and sharpen her skills.

“I am not only representing Lesotho, but I am a recognised African Continent coach, so it is important for me to be active in the region and the entire continent to keep up with my counterparts from other continents to maintain global competency and standard,” explained Letlala.

Her main target is to instill the love and recognition of archery in Lesotho and Africa. Hence, training teachers who are expected to pass it on to pupils in schools from a very young age.

The national security agencies, known for their high level of order and discipline, may also see the expansion of archery into these institutions.

Archery, an individual sport that uses a bow to shoot arrows, is known for enhancing focus and concentration. After making its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it remains one of the most famous sports globally.

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